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Zeldas Champion
Zeldas Champion 13 timer siden
I didn't know they still make film.
Fabio Fabrication
Fabio Fabrication 13 timer siden
Denmark! :D the story tho
AstroBoy_875 13 timer siden
Love these love form videos.
Fluffyplays777 13 timer siden
Conor McSweeny
Conor McSweeny 13 timer siden
I've been waiting for this video for so long.
Secret of Secrets -By Rohan Dhar
I found a dead man's photograph on the ground. Someone shot it !!!! (it's MAGIC)
KingCosworth 13 timer siden
I have to keep an XP machine going for tuning my cars, it's a nightmare....
Greg Skaggs
Greg Skaggs 13 timer siden
I have been asking this question for years!
CellBlok69wLamp 13 timer siden
where can I buy 35mm film?
georgeterz terz
georgeterz terz 13 timer siden
After the submarine and the rocket visit this must be inside his 3 best days of his life. Obviously not talking about family related stuff cause these exceed everything else.
TubeSwarn 13 timer siden
Next time you have a new hire in "Indie Film Lab" just show him/her this video.
Vegard Pedersen
Vegard Pedersen 13 timer siden
As a filmmaker and photographer, this vidoe was amazing for me!!! Perfect. One of your best videos I would say!!! :-)
Geoff Davis
Geoff Davis 13 timer siden
Dang should I move to Alabama to marry Hannah??
Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey 13 timer siden
I am an old X-Ray tech and our film was always black and white so we could use red lights in the dark rooms. Thank you so much for this video.
David McCoy
David McCoy 13 timer siden
I used to shoot film now a digital guy. I shoot digital like film, low shutter count. Shoot a photo chip it on the back of the camera then one or two more. Film teaches you get it right in camera. Love this remix on film.
Philip Royd
Philip Royd 13 timer siden
This is what I call finding differences between digital and analog, or, automatic transmission cars vs. Manual transmission. Digital keyboards vs. Pianos. Robots vs. People. I communicate better with the "analog" style of life.
Gordon Bland
Gordon Bland 13 timer siden
I've never dealt with such large milling machines. It's very impressive that it only takes 2 days to mill such a large piece. I wonder what the rate of imperfection or failure is?
suraj hebbal
suraj hebbal 13 timer siden
To be able to see 😂😂😂
SuchtFaktorHoch10 13 timer siden
I new it. Analog pictures are also made of pixels/grains ^^
Ralph Smith
Ralph Smith 13 timer siden
Now try large format photography. I need to get my 4”x5” cameras out again.
Mike Sheahan
Mike Sheahan 13 timer siden
I had 10 years in at a lab in Milwaukee by 2003 when it all went away.
Penitentman713 13 timer siden
You have made SO MANY incredible videos, but this one is really cool for me personally. When I was a kid I got my first camera and was so fascinated with it that I would go outside and take pictures of everything and blow through a roll of film in minutes and my parents would be like "how is that possible? You just got that!". It got to the point where I had an allowance of a film roll a month 🤣. It was so rewarding when I would get to go to CVS to have the film developed and then go pick up the pictures a week later and see how they turned out. I also got to go see how photos were developed as a kid and the tour guide did the same revolving door trick. Man I love this stuff, had no idea film was coming back a bit! Thanks for the video as always
Scanlaid 13 timer siden
Something seems funky with the audio this ep. Little bit more room noise maybe?
Leon Barsmith
Leon Barsmith 13 timer siden
Lol, I'm watching this video as I'm archiving negatives I developed this morning!
Minnow 13 timer siden
My god Hannah is gorgeous.
Thomas Burnelis
Thomas Burnelis 13 timer siden
This brought back memories as a teenager working the photo lab at the local grocery store. It was an automated machine that I wish I spent more time learning how it worked.
Adam Rothwell
Adam Rothwell 13 timer siden
I finished my undergraduate in photography almost exactly a year today. During my studies I spent so much time physically handling a lot of analogue photography equipment and learning the science behind it all and practicing for hours on end in the darkroom with developing and printing yet I still can't verbalise the feeling I get from these processes compared to their digital equivalents. Might seem like a hipster/artsy thing to many but I'm sure there is a wealth of psychology behind that feeling of accomplishment I'd love to learn more about. Time to break out the library card, I think. Thanks Destin :D
Scanlaid 13 timer siden
I've got to admit, I'm getting smarter. Getting smarter all the time.
ChevTec Group
ChevTec Group 13 timer siden
Destin, you should try some real analog night vision and do a deep dive into the intensifier tube tech. Those toy ones are just cheap cameras without an IR filter
Keyur Joshi
Keyur Joshi 13 timer siden
Are you sure that the difference you feel with film is not a placebo effect?
Reverse Universe
Reverse Universe 13 timer siden
Whats film
Hendrik Frey
Hendrik Frey 13 timer siden
Now the Company is getting flooded with film... I like it🔥
ixsis oodk
ixsis oodk 13 timer siden
This guy is so nice he infects everyone lol
Bendigo 13 timer siden
Most people born after 1990: "what is film?"
Just Larry
Just Larry 13 timer siden
Audio's broken.
Tobias Fendin
Tobias Fendin 13 timer siden
I've got a nauciating echo in the begining. Have to watch it anyway
Phil Ru
Phil Ru 13 timer siden
Hey Destin - something doesn't seem right with your audio in the first shot (0:10-0:20)
B G 13 timer siden
OK, laughing all the way. As one that started developing their own film about 1972, give me digital any day. Chemical processing has so many variables that you pretty much eliminate or at least control much better. Also, waiting for weeks to see my pictures just drives me nuts. I gave my darkroom away years ago. I went digital and never looked back. My poor Nikon F (circa 1962) hasn't had a roll of film for at least 10 years. Still have it for old times sake, but don't use it. As for quality, I prefer the digital manipulation possible in a digital darkroom. I have so much more control and more freedom, and mostly so much easier to make basic adjustments, so much easier to control contrast, give me digital any day. In photography I embrace progress (besides, scan negative to print is digital photography. Just skip the film and skip the processor)
dondrap513 13 timer siden
Will my 40+ year old Cannon Ae1 with lenses of every size go for entirely too much if I sell to some hipster doofus?
will 13 timer siden
Polaroid are the best cameras ever imo
foobag969 13 timer siden
I miss film. We have all these garbage "photographers" now that don't appreciate real photography.
Alt 198
Alt 198 13 timer siden
Film shooter here, thank you so much for making this video!
Nox uinddau
Nox uinddau 13 timer siden
Hey Destin 👋, small chance of you seeing this. But could you please do a video on bending bullets? I know Mythbusters tackled this awhile ago, but I implore you to check out the Demolition Ranch channel. The video about bending bullets, I think it would be really cool. Have a good day mate 👍
RedHeadedSnowman 13 timer siden
Is this recorded with binaural audio mic?
LazySmurf 13 timer siden
Hey guys it’s me LazySmurf, here today with Destin to get smarter every day.
Wak 13 timer siden
see you recording at 18:50 in the mirror weird your camera is pointed at the mirrior but we see your back? 2 mirriors?
GOAT GUNS 13 timer siden
Give this man government funding
Clemens Dautermann
Clemens Dautermann 13 timer siden
Film in Film Out aka FIFO
David Gale
David Gale 13 timer siden
I want one of those rolling doors in my house
Ivar Yosen
Ivar Yosen 13 timer siden
You're here because you thought Destin said the F word
Scott S.
Scott S. 13 timer siden
The trash pandas photo. That made me feel something.
thundaja 13 timer siden
7:43 Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!
ImmyJDT 13 timer siden
This guy really using a dummy roll of 400h😅
leftsmile 13 timer siden
I'm just obsessed with the sound
Ecktor 13 timer siden
That first photo on the left is called _shin no desutin.jpg_ and it’s cursed. So, I hope you got some warding at home…
c p
c p 13 timer siden
there not called... uh what you said, there called pecks
Thomas Wetherbee
Thomas Wetherbee 13 timer siden
As a wooden boat builder, let me pass along that the 'plugs' used to hide the screws are called 'bungs'. As pointed out in your video, bungs have the grain running across the diameter; dowels have axial grain. Our family boat has 5,000 bungs in the planking.
Matthew Rocchio
Matthew Rocchio 13 timer siden
If you ever come to visit Rochester NY, I highly suggest going to the Kodaks George Eastman house. It's a museum built inside the house of the founder of Kodak.
Hosac99 13 timer siden
i talked with my parents recently how film photos were better for keeping memories, after going throught our old album then you came up with this vid noice
NoOne2You 13 timer siden
Hannah is a 9/10
A Hemsley
A Hemsley 13 timer siden
Umm, if u dont like that other camera, I dont have one and I need one for photography class. 😅
iGarageband Shorts
iGarageband Shorts 13 timer siden
The perfect film camera commercial And I actually liked it 😅
Flameraker48 13 timer siden
You should have shot the video on film
alexandre musabyimana
alexandre musabyimana 13 timer siden
Our Boy is in Love with that Girl with round Glasees.. i can bet on that
Mike Broom
Mike Broom 13 timer siden
BOB! I bet he likes to make stuff.
SmarterEveryDay 13 timer siden
I tried to find a definitive video on the internet that explained how film works. I couldn't find that video.... so I decided to make it. I called Indie Film Lab and they were all about it. I love film photography and would love for you to try it. They're at www.indiefilmlab.com/
R3iZoR 13 timer siden
Even though I was born in the 90s, I always have this strange nostalgic feeling when I look back at film photos...it is as if I am living the moment even though I wasn't there! Thank you for your amazing work!
El Domo - Product Design Agency
@Mohsen Abbasi hopefully
Mohsen Abbasi
Mohsen Abbasi 13 timer siden
who didn't experience it, doesn't know how much she/he missed I wish they come back stongly againt. The meaning of "taking a photo" and the "photo" itself should get its value back
Alexandr Chichenin
Alexandr Chichenin 13 timer siden
It was super easy, barely an inconvenience
TheTallTom 13 timer siden
That magic trick was smoooth
Dale St. Louis
Dale St. Louis 13 timer siden
Lie detected at the end, when you said "smarter every day." "That special feeling" is, not you getting smarter. Get more feely every day? There's a beating heart to the photos, you said. Film feels like magic, you said. That is fine, but, go do art. Can you even look at ten images and pick out the five film and five digital? Pick which ones have the special feeling and the beating heart?
Oxibase 13 timer siden
I wish I knew why the frame rate gets so bad on videos from this channel. I think it might be my TV because it doesn’t happen on my phone, but it works fine for awhile and then the frame rate drops to 1 FPS for awhile.
Bendigo 13 timer siden
Try changing the quality of video to a lower level on the tv.
Scott Walz
Scott Walz 13 timer siden
1:41 Hey, that's Falls Park in Sioux Falls! That's my town!
Dueling Dexperts
Dueling Dexperts 13 timer siden
"really cool old machine they kept running from the 90's" Really cool old machine... From the 90's. Really...old machine... from the 90's From the 90's *Checks birthday* *Cries*
Redboi's Animations
Redboi's Animations 13 timer siden
so basically what you're saying is there is a way for gamers to get exercise? Upgrades people, Upgrades.
Lucy Tycho
Lucy Tycho 13 timer siden
Most people don't have a DSLR and take photos on cameras that automatically set their parameters. Film SLR shooting is such a delight because it's completely manual
The Jaxson Video Blog
The Jaxson Video Blog 13 timer siden
Why not put some LEDs in that room instead of waiting for Fluorescent Bulbs to cool down?
Jacob Canote
Jacob Canote 13 timer siden
More Hanna please!
dsm_angel 13 timer siden
Love this channel, I always learn something interesting. Love it when you talk to other people (miner, grass cutter, etc...)
Leo sketches
Leo sketches 13 timer siden
I invite everyone to watch my ink drawings ;)
Marty Majix
Marty Majix 13 timer siden
Its also more expensivethat a digital click, so don't waste it.
Spencer Fitzpatrick
Spencer Fitzpatrick 13 timer siden
I'm a desensitized millennial, and this video put me on the edge of my seat.
Amadeus Łyssowski
Amadeus Łyssowski 13 timer siden
I’m from Denmark😱😱😱🤩🤩🤩
Mr. DD
Mr. DD 13 timer siden
Want a limit on a DSLR glue a 1GB card in the SD card slot, Enjoy