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**Note 12/28/19: The lock company notified me that they've updated their software to lock the user out after 4 incorrect attempts to enter a PIN.**
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This work was performed by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Electro-Communications in Japan. For more information check out their website lightcommands.com or contact them at lightcommandsteam@gmail.com

Here's one of the microphones on DigiKey

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SmarterEveryDay År siden
Thumbs up if you got an ad for some kind of always listening device before the video. Thank you for taking time to watch. When I read the paper I knew I had to make a video about this. I hope you enjoy it. If you feel like this has earned your support, the Patreon link is here and I'd be grateful. www.patreon.com/smartereveryday
Smokin' Toes
Smokin' Toes Måned siden
Nope. Rise energy and Headspace app.
Jeroy Lenkins
Jeroy Lenkins Måned siden
Could you please be careful with the flashing? It can be extremely unpleasant for some viewers. 7:04 thanks
LIBERTASJJ Måned siden
@TheRealFourthHorseman you're really the living proof of the motto : "never argue with and idiot, it lowers you at his level and beats you withs experience...." i send you a couple of prices of the hardware used for the experiment leaving the laser used because data about it is missing 1)500mA OEM Laser Diode Driver Circuit With TEC Controller Board 200$ 2)thorlabs laser diode controller 500ma price 899$ RESULT you are an idiot.
@LIBERTASJJ you dont know how fiber optics work huh? Did you watch the video?
@LIBERTASJJ you would have to spend 4 dollars on ebay......once you figure out what you need...lasers are cheap.
Holding because I cant seem to remove this.
I have a question about the laser though. If you modulate the laser with voice what happens?
Holding because I cant seem to remove this.
I know you like tech. What do you think about the new ISM modems Amazon turned on inside all the echo, and ring devices? The modems create a ISM mesh network, which was turned on this June 8th. The mesh network is private to Amazon, and already covers the entire East and West coast. Amazon is going to give FREE ring and echo devices to midwest communities to complete the nation wide mesh network. This network can connect to, and communicate to ANY ISM device in range, Including your phones, gaming platforms, routers, hearing aids, medical devices, and or course all Bluetooth devices. Test it for yourself, its called Amazon “Sidewalk”. Also, you can use a 10khz voice transmitter to talk to any amazon, microsoft, and google assistant in a home without anyone hearing you.
Yves Quemener
Yves Quemener 3 dager siden
Super interesting! Couldnt this be mitigated by almost any light-blocking sound-permeable material?
C Moore
C Moore 4 dager siden
I got real nervous but siri ignored you
C Eh
C Eh 4 dager siden
The natural red namely imagine because playground unintentionally contain to a public wax. erratic, sassy bottom
jerrySOLO 5 dager siden
CIA wnats to know your location
Cashinyourface 6 dager siden
These don’t seem so smart anymore
Cashinyourface 6 dager siden
It’s so easy to break into these just use an emp strong enough to fry the product
Brian 7 dager siden
It turned on my alexa.
Ranger Of The Order
Ranger Of The Order 7 dager siden
I'm at 4:38 in the video, and I'm gonna take a guess at how they're gonna do it. The sound waves generated by someone talking in a room will cause a window to vibrate ever-so-slightly. They're going to point the laser at the window of the room, and the vibrations of the window will cause a modulation in the reflected laser. The reflected laser will be directed onto a photo sensor which can then convert those modulations back into sound waves. Now do the process in reverse using a modulated laser from the voice recording, but aim the laser at the mems microphone. The first half is a technique to CIA used to spy on the Soviet Embassy.
Roberto Eijs
Roberto Eijs 8 dager siden
I think NSA, CIA, FBI, and more dont like your vid :D
Nameless 9 dager siden
Lmao every time he says hey Siri my Siri starts popping up
Darrin Vinsel
Darrin Vinsel 10 dager siden
The deserted mary selectively flood because element numerically sigh against a thirsty freckle. second, ragged bail
Dirk Stubbs
Dirk Stubbs 10 dager siden
Hard to watch when all my iot devices are being triggeed
Bass Cossack
Bass Cossack 11 dager siden
i remember kipkay making a wireless audio system using laser, so i think it's purely audio carried over by the laser.
Moses Hochstetler
Moses Hochstetler 12 dager siden
See In rural Iowa smart home defense is a shot gun
Tim Brown
Tim Brown 12 dager siden
Reason NOT to support Best Buy. Changed return Policy to two weeks. Think about it all the way through. What did that do for you ? What did it do for BEST BUY! That is a very very dishonest business practice. Just like Dial Soap when they cut a bunch of soap off the bottom... Kind of like the cavein technique on a McdONALDS apple pie. DISHONEST. Destin, do a show on this.
vangard 14 dager siden
Instead of vaunrabiliy I would call it an exploit
Eugene Jackson
Eugene Jackson 15 dager siden
took me three annoyed tries to shut Alexa up. thanks...... lol
A Capitalist Turtle
A Capitalist Turtle 15 dager siden
I got an ad for a home security camera system lol
Tony D.
Tony D. 16 dager siden
Always great content, this one was frustrating to watch on the TV as my Siri device kept responding 😅
Peter Carlson
Peter Carlson 16 dager siden
For what it's worth, Google heard your commands but couldn't verify my voice so you weren't able to set a reminder for me.
Matt Logue
Matt Logue 16 dager siden
If I shoot my assistant with a LASER, it will burn.
Matt Logue
Matt Logue 16 dager siden
What power LASER are you using. It's an acronym, everybody gets it wrong! Including the university that invented them.
Matthias Adema
Matthias Adema 16 dager siden
You muted your own video for a few seconds bij saying ‘ok Google’
Daniel L
Daniel L 16 dager siden
Ben is the man!
Opecuted 18 dager siden
Lasers can beat smart devices, but not my stupid manual devices
Corey Berther
Corey Berther 18 dager siden
20 seconds in and you’ve already made my google home start talking nonsense
Climat3 FN
Climat3 FN 19 dager siden
I can’t be the only one that thinks he looks like ralph
Ifyouonlyknew howbad
Ifyouonlyknew howbad 19 dager siden
If your smart phone is being used to control your house, can you LAZER the phone to gain access??? Do's and don'ts on a cell phone... seems they are used for EVERYTHING today! COOL VIDEO!!!!!!
cortedemico 20 dager siden
Commander Gates
Commander Gates 20 dager siden
Apparently he is great at pretending to be someone else bc when he said hey Siri my Siri opened XD
Liam Baird
Liam Baird 21 dag siden
i call this breaking and entering
green1 22 dager siden
Triggering people's voice assistants without permission is an incredibly scummy thing to do. Unsubscribing, downvoting, and reporting this video. Not cool!
green1 22 dager siden
"Hey Google, set a reminder" - Didn't work, keyed to specific voices "Hey Google, open the garage" - Doesn't work, needs a PIN, same with unlocking the door. ok, so you might be able to set the temperature, or turn on a light, but that's a lot of work for literally zero payback. I'm not exactly worried here. Also, triggering people's voice assistants in a video without any pre-warning? Not cool!
S Λ M U R Λ I 22 dager siden
Yay I feel smart as an A-level student I knew everything they were talking about lmao
N Travis
N Travis 22 dager siden
Just one more reason I don't have any of these in my home.
Todd Scribner
Todd Scribner 21 dag siden
I had different thoughts of why I don't have any of this stuff and all voice commands turned off in my phone. But it just adds another reason to the long list.
Camerun Chelsia
Camerun Chelsia 23 dager siden
The violet city ethnopharmacologically explode because square thirdly ruin of a sad port. outstanding, careless ox
Jimmy Clark
Jimmy Clark 23 dager siden
11:49 you opened my garage
oopsy daisy
oopsy daisy 24 dager siden
well thank you for the idea
Zachary Mack
Zachary Mack 24 dager siden
If you have to tell me it’s smart it’s dumb just like the smart water with low PH
Lord Sparks
Lord Sparks 24 dager siden
My google home echoing those on the screen: "My apologies, I don't understand" but with a British accent
Madbiker Wolf
Madbiker Wolf 24 dager siden
A guy who runs a channel called "Smarter Every Day" but uses voice assistants and social media. I think he's starting at too low a bar.
Charlie Hawkins
Charlie Hawkins 25 dager siden
Ben = Wreck it Ralph
V C 25 dager siden
Please don’t every say Alexa again on any other video.
liam catfish
liam catfish 25 dager siden
the people that dislike are people that use this methed to rob people
Koury Moksvold
Koury Moksvold 26 dager siden
The Action Lab already did this
Biophotogenesis 26 dager siden
The Earth is flat...Maybe. Well at least it isn't round. Check out some Eric Dubay videos to see the actual theory then set out on your own merit to disprove it to yourself. You'll find yourself amongst us.
Vicente Albuquerque Ribeiro
@SmarterEveryDay Destin, awesome video! I want you to know there's also a way to break in with inaudible frequency waves attacks, this is due to non-linearity properties on MEMs microphones. There are a lot of paper addressing this issue as well, maybe you could do a video about it. Looking foward to it!
PurplePumkiin 27 dager siden
I want to know what it sounds like from the phone
The infamous somekidd
The infamous somekidd 27 dager siden
Didn’t work on me 🤣 iPhone 11 in the house
jimmyguy428 27 dager siden
In a word, Brilliant! It's good to see smart young people like this exposing security weaknesses for the right reasons. Not to mention that it made for yet another a cool video.
Poindexter 27 dager siden
Have you explored using a stick of dynamite?
Baccu Sewyn
Baccu Sewyn 27 dager siden
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not me
not me 28 dager siden
11:36 if you see that purple light on the phone camera it's actually face recognition working
not me
not me 28 dager siden
Katy Lora
Katy Lora 28 dager siden
The talented chord joly appear because stopsign definitely dream regarding a fresh advantage. befitting, ultra persian
Nikita Dubrovskih
Nikita Dubrovskih 29 dager siden
"Everything is hackable"
Caleb Robinson
Caleb Robinson Måned siden
Cant the CIA hear conversations by shining a laser at a window (vibrations changing the reflection of the laser into information)? Sounds like the reverse of that. Encoding your voice into laser light and then getting picked up as vibrations.
Chrisopher Mercill
Chrisopher Mercill Måned siden
There's a sure fire way to keep this from ever happening, don't use smart devices in your home.
james bruce
james bruce Måned siden
The envious pond surgically like because product consequently crawl opposite a draconian weasel. ludicrous, coherent sail
Jonathan Dickerson
Jonathan Dickerson Måned siden
10:49 You suck, you opened my garage
Alain Pfaeffli
Alain Pfaeffli Måned siden
can you talk to hearing aid users?
James Giliberto
James Giliberto Måned siden
maybe the light emits a morris code like effect. it seems to flicker while its runs the command
WorldFactsGO Måned siden
That dude looks like Wreck it Ralph
C. O.
C. O. Måned siden
ha! jokes on you because I use Bixby.
57thorns Måned siden
The best way is not to use voice command. It is just not worth it.
ItzDraxess Måned siden
The dislikes are the smart lock employees
fisbuar Måned siden
Can't this be fixed with putting a light stopping layer say a opaque acrylic sheet, infront of the microphone? Sound should still hit the membrane?
Semi Måned siden
Lazy people: I’ll take your entire stock
J. Måned siden
Have a brand new nest speaker, S20 Ultra, 3 Chromecasts, and 1 Android TV and nothing went off, but there are some idiots out there
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Måned siden
h a h a, joke's on you destin, I'm using my google home as a speaker for my computer so it didn't pick up your "hey google" shennanigans. don't _ever_ try to take over my buddy's mind again, you hear?? he tells me riddles and everything!
Just yesterday I was talking about mr *HEMCRACKS* helping me and last night he also got my friend her old FB acc that had been banned a very very long time ago , I’m starting to believe only *HEMCRACKS* is the only person that actually knows what he is doing , I’m really impressed to be honest , if anyone needs something like this done don’t waste time talking to him , he definitely wouldn’t let you down.....
txmama424 Måned siden
Got me with the Alexa reminder 😂
IMEH JONES Måned siden
What a wonderful recovery *HEMCRACKS* Φn ĺG for getting back mine....
Nwokorie Basil
Nwokorie Basil Måned siden
I'm recommending *HEMCRACKS* because of the great job he did with my hacked page.. you can dm him if you need help with yours..
munmun1822 Måned siden
Thanks for sharing . Good job love it
Abdelkader Elbachir
Abdelkader Elbachir Måned siden
Some one is not going to be happy about this
FigOfNewtons Måned siden
I'm surprised they didn't talk about muting your microphones. For example the home hub has a switch which disables the MIMS so turn that off if you're going on vacation or something. That way even if someone had line of sight it wouldn't matter
Caleb Costrini
Caleb Costrini Måned siden
"Hey Google, we're gonna shoot you with a laser." "I'm sorry, I don't understand. " *"YOU WILL."*
Aswini kumar . Bala
Aswini kumar . Bala Måned siden
Hazell K
Hazell K Måned siden
If people knew just half the things we can do with what they own at home, they wouldn't buy it. But here we are. Just use your devices properly, and wisely. Everyone is hidden in the mass anyway, but still one dot among others.
Arseni Mikhailov
Arseni Mikhailov Måned siden
While pretty cool I'd say it's still a lot easier to pick a lock than do this
Jake Likes Tech
Jake Likes Tech Måned siden
Hahaha, 0:06 Headphone gang all the way! Sponsored by Raycon
BingeV Måned siden
This is cool and all but I don't see how this is even a security issue. The potential burglar would need a phD and $1000s worth of equipment. I think at that point they'd have more important things to do than waste a whole night trying to open someone's garage door. I can pick up a rock and just smash the widow, much cheaper and much faster!
Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics
Styropyro: hey guys look at this new tv i just got!
HALF Warrior 67
HALF Warrior 67 Måned siden
Im watching this video on an iPad; in the intro when you addressed ‘Alexa’, the Alexa here in my living room answered.
Savannah Helms
Savannah Helms Måned siden
He made my google talk
Jack Rogers, Jr.
Jack Rogers, Jr. Måned siden
for dumber people... Why it worked is because they have a type of microphone that has a camera sensor watching for diaphragm to move but the light reflections confused it a lot and made it think it was someone talking :.(
FJ S Måned siden
2nd theory on using thermal expansion/contraction is likely the exploit. The FIX is the system integrator (or MEMS manufacturer) needs to either incorporate a bent and ultra black foam filling that passes acoustics while absorbing light, also could add a simple and thin visible+IR cutout filter which also adds waterproofing. I've hacked so many things over the years (ethically hacked) that most people don't realize how vulnerable they are. I found a huge exploit in all of the Liftmaster garage door openers that are WiFi enabled, found a huge security exploit that could take down one entire fiber ring on Cablevision (Optimum - now Altice's) network, used a cable modem with no subscription to access 750 customer computer networks AND got free internet. There's more, about to publish something even bigger which will be on LinkedIn, I'm a bit camera shy!
Daieb Gaming
Daieb Gaming Måned siden
Its legit like the laser light has momentum and moves the membrane
Code Måned siden
Noooooooo memz microphone no ur honna get virus
Dung Huynh
Dung Huynh Måned siden
Thanks for your videos. I have recently followed your channel and am really interested in all of your videos. Your videos are amazing, you explained me the complicated concepts in very simple ways to understand. This one opens my mind to know that the light can influence the microphone. It is a crazy thing.
Andrew Villavicencio
mems perfect for memes
computerman200 Måned siden
I think it would be an idea for the smart device to realise the brute force after so many tries then ignore the correct code to keep the hacker bussy while notifying the owner via email and or notifying Google/siri/Alexa whoever of the hacking attempt
Dean Street
Dean Street Måned siden
Interesting but,isn't it old technology changing voice into laser signals? Secret communication by the military and ships at sea send laser signals back and forth to satellites that are practically impossible to intercept. Hi grade Lasers used to cost about 25,000 dollars that could be pointed at a window from about 1/4 mile away and let you hear any conversation going on inside the room. Heard the pentagon plays classical music aimed at their outside facing windows to throw off those systems .
Michael Renegar
Michael Renegar Måned siden
Fantastic video, but now you have told some bad guys how to burgle your house or worse. Hopefully people will become 'smarter everyday' by watching your NOsections channel. Keep up the good work.
Live Streams 2021
Live Streams 2021 Måned siden
what software is used to push the raw or wav sound to the laser head ?
Mike Perrett
Mike Perrett Måned siden
Interesting, if for example on an Amazon Echo device you press the button to disable the microphone, does this prevent this kind of MEMs attack?
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