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Life is Amazing. Seeing this touched me and I wanted to share it with you
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This amazing display showing a live chicken embryo was at the Exploratorium in San Francisco:

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GigaMacro Chicken Embryo
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18. april. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay Måned siden
Seeing this made me feel things and I wanted to share it with you. Thank you to everyone who supports at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday . You make it possible for me to publish content I genuinely love instead of trying to please the algorithm. Thank you!
Ar Al
Ar Al 22 dager siden
Сheck slivkishow. He recreated this at home.
IF Måned siden
I never saw this video despite watching all your other vids. I think youtube might be classifying it as pro life instead of educational.
La Montagne
La Montagne Måned siden
Yes sir it is so incredible! Even after knowing so much, it is so sad that people eat them 😢
Gangster Rose
Gangster Rose Måned siden
We can see the agenda your pushing dustin...
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly Måned siden
Life really is amazing, thank you for bringing a smile to my face 😀
gamlagubbengren 15 timer siden
Its alive even before its born
FlyingGyros Dag siden
I don’t ever want to eat eggs again. This is fascinating.
Mahmoud Nasr
Mahmoud Nasr 3 dager siden
سبحان الخالق المبدع
ليان الشاعر
ليان الشاعر 3 dager siden
هذا خلق الله فأروني ماذا خلق الذين من دونه
Jeff Falke Music
Jeff Falke Music 3 dager siden
"Fearfully and wonderfully made!"
MrVipitis 4 dager siden
They have to prepare that exhibit every day? I saw a NOsections video before that incubated an egg half way open.
Bill Vang
Bill Vang 5 dager siden
After this video I’m like “ hey kids! Who wants chicken nuggets!?!?”
Scott Retford
Scott Retford 5 dager siden
Well you know I had to go and find a time lapse. It was horrifying.
Wilson Arendt
Wilson Arendt 6 dager siden
I just stumbled upon the channel. How amazing!!
Ryun Forsman
Ryun Forsman 5 dager siden
Welcome to one of the best channels on NOsections. Subscribe, grab some snacks and prepare to learn, be amazed, and grow smarter every day!
Mouwafi Abdelrahman
Mouwafi Abdelrahman 6 dager siden
سبحان الله
Marco Antônio Eick
Marco Antônio Eick 6 dager siden
do they just put more chicken embryos once these are born.
Sardor Amonov
Sardor Amonov 7 dager siden
And can it be created only by chance? By Evolution? By just big bang theory?
MikeinCt 8 dager siden
Does the chicken keep growing after the egg is layed and pulled from nest to refrigerator right after its layed?
Logan Shaver
Logan Shaver 4 dager siden
I've seen your previous comment and you're taking about how you've seen red in the yolk, WTF? Where are you getting your eggs!? They are unfertilized in the grocery store
MikeinCt 8 dager siden
Well I guess I'm not eating eggs anymore! I've seen red in yokes before when I've cracked them in a pan! Is that a old egg that wasn't pulled from nest right away?
bri pertplus
bri pertplus 10 dager siden
Low key abortion commentary? 😅
hi_you25 11 dager siden
that's interesting
KER Ambro
KER Ambro 11 dager siden
Wow 👍🙂🙂🙂
amit ghorp
amit ghorp 12 dager siden
And we eat this incredible life for the sake of satisfying our taste buds...
Flowboat 9 dager siden
Eggs that we eat aren't fertilized, there is nothing growing in them. Just like humans, chickens require an egg and a sperm in order to form a baby
Kenneth Kline
Kenneth Kline 12 dager siden
I wish they had an exhibit like this with real human embryos in it
blueamcat 12 dager siden
And people deny that humans are alive at conception. Unbelievable.
FiL 12 dager siden
The fascinating instance to me was when I saw my son and heard his heartbeat on an ultrasound scan. Even more fascinating is God’s image on every human embryo.
Chad Costa
Chad Costa 13 dager siden
Wow, amazing.
Look at my About page
Look at my About page 13 dager siden
holy shut
dborg 13 dager siden
Destin why not make a video about why chickens can stabilise their heads like gyroscopes or gimbals
Chris Cato
Chris Cato 13 dager siden
Something only the one true God could make! Praise Adonai! Truly amazing.
Erick Oldaker
Erick Oldaker 13 dager siden
Can this be shown to those that think life only begins at birth? Unless they only believe what they want, this should convince them.
rift0tripper 14 dager siden
The real question is...would you abort baby chicken Hitler if it prevents the murder of millions...hmmm hmm?
iisa bakk
iisa bakk 14 dager siden
Yet people say abortion is ok, shame on them
AiykA 14 dager siden
Is this a fertilized egg which is different from the eggs we eat?
Michael Blount
Michael Blount 14 dager siden
I do love it
Marco 14 dager siden
you have these thumbnails and titles where im like "ehhhh nah im not sure about that", and then i finally click on it and the content amazes me more then the videos i'd click on in a heartbeat. cool videos man
Joseph Hamm
Joseph Hamm 14 dager siden
That is really cool.. have you thought of doing that experiment on your own and doing a series that would be so cool and mind blowing
Tensor Flow
Tensor Flow 14 dager siden
Chicken embryo time lapse is truly the most amazing timelapses I have ever seen. It's simultaneously fascinating and jarring for someone who's now waiting for my 3 eggs to be boiled.
Harley Trolinder
Harley Trolinder 14 dager siden
I think you should do a deep dive into this
Spencer Fitzpatrick
Spencer Fitzpatrick 14 dager siden
What strange roots that plant had. Such strange yellow soil.
Once in a Lifetime
Once in a Lifetime 14 dager siden
I have so many ethics questions...
Kalev McCarthy
Kalev McCarthy 15 dager siden
I want to see later stages once it’s even more developed
Zayim _.
Zayim _. 15 dager siden
Sgt_CHIKUN 15 dager siden
Luigi Cotocea
Luigi Cotocea 17 dager siden
Imtought the yolf was fake but when the hearth beat it was real!
James Heuberger
James Heuberger 18 dager siden
This is so cool!!
Ivan Zubcic
Ivan Zubcic 18 dager siden
How they make that?
Jacob Harryman
Jacob Harryman 19 dager siden
Life is beautiful when you look deeper.
ishrat jahan panna
ishrat jahan panna 19 dager siden
this is so..!! good!
Jesper Hammarlund
Jesper Hammarlund 21 dag siden
what amaze me is that its crazy how life works how it all fits together. this is what billions or years of evolution has come to our technology is nothing to what nature can do. nature always finds a way.
Living The Fruitful Life
God is way cool!
Nathan B
Nathan B 21 dag siden
That is really cool! Thanks for sharing
Sims4u 22 dager siden
Thank you for sharing this.
Oh yes Mr dabs
Oh yes Mr dabs 24 dager siden
This channel is more than 11 old and going strong
David M Wells
David M Wells 24 dager siden
Wow... This is an incredible exhibit !!
Rakesh Gurung
Rakesh Gurung 24 dager siden
Wow thank you Destin for uploading such a nice video... that beating heart of chick's developing body was just amazing !
tabttu 25 dager siden
That had to be one of the best videos I've ever seen, So flipping amazing! Life is crazy. Excellent video! Truly spectacular!
Máté Ócsai
Máté Ócsai 25 dager siden
amazing, biology is really wild.
MAGIC World 25 dager siden
In Philippines 🇵🇭 they it it on week two
Josiah Lewin
Josiah Lewin 27 dager siden
Have you ever noticed chicken's refusal to move their head smoothly
GiggleisRAW 27 dager siden
If this is not amazing to you then you have a problem
PAULIE FPV 27 dager siden
I loved eating eggs... Now i feel guilty
Osama Bayyoumi
Osama Bayyoumi 27 dager siden
praise be to god.
bernier42 28 dager siden
I knew for certain that Psalm 139 would be on the end screen.
TheTarrMan 28 dager siden
Anyone else feel it's kinda messed up they have something like this on public display? I mean, something tells me they just flush the eggs down the toilet when they're done with it. . . . . . . . Brings up allot other questions too.
Mochamad Fachri
Mochamad Fachri 28 dager siden
Will say that hatching a chick outside the egg every day must be some work to make sure visitors can appreciate the impressiveness in the most mundane-sounding things ever.
Ryan Chenier-Poulin
Ryan Chenier-Poulin 29 dager siden
Looking at the yolk -- we are all just a spat of bacteria formed into a human bug lol...
Dale White
Dale White 29 dager siden
Shows the miracle of creation that the wonder it shows .....thank you
S B Måned siden
So are you actually the guy from the Truman show? Trumans best friend??
Felix O'Keefe
Felix O'Keefe Måned siden
I was thinking about this and a question popped into my mind. How does respiration work for reptilian/birds eggs. In other words how does this embryo's blood get oxygenated?
William Donaldson
William Donaldson Måned siden
Ok. That is just cool.
Cyrus Vincent
Cyrus Vincent Måned siden
Why does he look like a young Dwight Eisenhower?
Jorge Sar
Jorge Sar Måned siden
So whe eating chickens when we eat the yolk!!?!?! ... sheeeesh. Nvm.
Robert Veghte
Robert Veghte Måned siden
You're a good guy, Destin
Lucas Måned siden
this is great
Mike Martin
Mike Martin Måned siden
In 6 months, it will become a McNugget or a Chick-Fillet burger.
Mike McPuff
Mike McPuff Måned siden
It's like a Black Mirror episode though. Imagine being born into a science museum like that... crazy..!
Crazy Devil
Crazy Devil Måned siden
Which phone did he make this video with? Samsung S22?
Simon Parker
Simon Parker Måned siden
EM! That's pretty cool.
Adrian Rodrigues
Adrian Rodrigues Måned siden
Amazing !!!!
Jim Corrigan
Jim Corrigan Måned siden
Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they _could_ they didn't stop to think if they _should_
Wesley Moreira
Wesley Moreira Måned siden
but still, heartless human beings support abortion.
Nim Sandhu
Nim Sandhu Måned siden
Life is incredible. We all look the same as tiny embryos, whether we were hatched from an egg outside the body or nurtured inside a mammalian mother. So amazing.
Raketen Meyer
Raketen Meyer Måned siden
Sir, you are right. This is very special and it makes me feel things, too. I am amazed. Thank you for your content!
Sheila Watkins
Sheila Watkins Måned siden
After observing my hens, I have to believe that their brains didn’t get any bigger. All joking aside, it is amazing to see how God designed them to develop.
Connor McMillan
Connor McMillan Måned siden
“Just a cluster of cells with no value” “can’t even think so not important” I can’t believe that people can see the miracle of life especially in their own race and just dismiss it because it’s inconvenient for them
Nate Hull
Nate Hull Måned siden
So cool
_P-i-V_ _V-i-P_
_P-i-V_ _V-i-P_ Måned siden
what's gonna happen to the chicken in the exibit? Will they have to keep adding new info and light and things
Scooty Puff Sr
Scooty Puff Sr Måned siden
I call them delicious dinosaurs
Ethan Fay
Ethan Fay Måned siden
n lefties will try and tell you human fetuses aren’t alive and aren’t humans
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Måned siden
That's actually amazing! On the other hand I feel a bit off because I had eggs for breakfast and now I'm thinking which stage if any were the eggs at that I personally ate. My eggs are from a farm and completely organic and natural because pre-covid I would take my kids and actually go to pick eggs. This is my new nightmare ====> 🐣
CALI DEZA Måned siden
Tariq Islam
Tariq Islam Måned siden
Tomás Melo
Tomás Melo Måned siden
It is amazing; but what happens to the chicks after? Hope they don't get discarded just so we can see this.
Tomás Melo
Tomás Melo Måned siden
@Halvard Skurve :'( RIP
Halvard Skurve
Halvard Skurve Måned siden
According to another comment "The embryo doesn't keep developing, they die shortly after the ranges shown in this exhibit."
Shailesh Rana
Shailesh Rana Måned siden
So amazing
D BX Måned siden
That random mass of cells almost looked like a chicken.
sonaarr Måned siden
Jonathan Carballo
Jonathan Carballo Måned siden
I think that's the chicken I had for lunch today
Jimmi Hansen
Jimmi Hansen Måned siden
Most amacing thing i have ever seen. Really cool
Robert Craighead
Robert Craighead Måned siden
Needs Tabasco
Lara Nelemans
Lara Nelemans Måned siden
What I find amazing is that the yolk acts like a placenta. The egge shell is actually gas permeable and allows waste gasses to pass out through the yolk and good gasses to pass to the embryo. Nature is amazing.
[insert name here]
[insert name here] Måned siden
i was just drinking mocha ice-coffee and i saw "waste sac "
Unitas Gaming
Unitas Gaming Måned siden
Do they have to renew the eggs every day!?!?!?
Rifat Ahammed
Rifat Ahammed Måned siden
Thank you
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