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Mad Batter Video:

Shane's Original Video which made me reach out:

Supersonic Baseball Cannon:

Coefficient of Restitution

Collision Impedance Mismatch:

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18. okt.. 2020





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SmarterEveryDay 7 måneder siden
Shane is a really cool guy. I reached out because I wanted to understand his bat and how his mind worked. I ended up valuing the friendship over anything else. Check out his video and consider subscribing to him here: nosections.info/green/saqfbYiZlpmv1Ng/video.html
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan 15 dager siden
@hrishikesh badiyar I
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan 15 dager siden
@Lizard Mods I was in a meeting today at work
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan 15 dager siden
@Lizard Mods I
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan 15 dager siden
@Lizard Mods I
Austin Billbe
Austin Billbe Måned siden
@Jithin Jose I would love to see that
Wiktor Jasiński
Wiktor Jasiński 22 timer siden
I would like to see this bat in some video game like Dead Rising or Far Cry. It would be awesome.
Super duper
Super duper Dag siden
just realised this is like that one episode from the dino power rangers where I think the blue caveman dude got an explosive bat and crushed his baseball competiton
bradleydmd Dag siden
Should put a gps tracker in the ball like top golf does!
David Hardisty
David Hardisty 3 dager siden
You're doing a great job with those boys ! Awesome work teach!
Philip ?
Philip ? 3 dager siden
Destin: *133!* Shane: cool.
oof foo
oof foo 5 dager siden
Put 2 explosive bats on the spinning bat machine thing lol
KoRMaK1 6 dager siden
it took me 4 months but i finally saw this side of the saga. now he is teaming up with lockpicking lawyer. stuff made here, more like matchmaker here
Portunah Isabera
Portunah Isabera 6 dager siden
A B 10 dager siden
Bats just waiting for it’s turbos to spool
Devarshi Choudhury
Devarshi Choudhury 10 dager siden
I was literally just watching Stuff Made Here’s video on the explosive bat and thinking to myself that Destin should totally cover this and I am so happy that this was the next video in recommendations
Shri vishakh Devanand
Shri vishakh Devanand 11 dager siden
stuff made here makes you smarter everyday!!!
Leonard McDermott
Leonard McDermott 11 dager siden
In Europe we say squash, 'squish' means nothing.
Debbiebabe69 11 dager siden
That kid dosnt mess around with PC rubbish, he just says it how it is! Students are over 18s. Hes a kid, not a student ;)
A Deuel
A Deuel 12 dager siden
Go trash pandas!
Bill Goat
Bill Goat 14 dager siden
The ten seat undeniably deserve because t-shirt whitely fail during a hoc workshop. dusty, slimy floor
Jasper Vandenameele
Jasper Vandenameele 14 dager siden
Does anyone know what software it is that is used to track position and speed of an object in a video?
John Smith
John Smith 14 dager siden
This needs to be sold as a home defense weapon just imagine no more worrying about shooting your neighbors if you live in the suburbs or an apartment and if you don't hit someone in a fatal spot it'll still disable them to the point they wont fight any longer even if someone grabs it they'll regret it.
Duner250R 15 dager siden
Man, I need to know where he got the Binford shirt. I MUST have that!
Duner250R 15 dager siden
"It is NOT a suppressor!" lmfao Feds be watching the two of you now. Careful what ya say.
Duner250R 15 dager siden
Whenever Destin tells someone they're smarter than him it's really just a manipulative trick in order for that person to say no Destin your smarter. Destin likes people saying he's smart. Kinda sadistic if you ask me.
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 16 dager siden
How does a monster energy drink and Gatorade bust a windshield in a car?
Ryan Ott
Ryan Ott 16 dager siden
Can we please start a gofundshane to get this bat into the hands of a legit slugger. I don't care how it happens. I want to see a 1000 ft homerun.
Galen Kane
Galen Kane 17 dager siden
The young stocking latterly paint because trick daily yell save a dispensable panties. psychotic, enormous judo
N Marrs
N Marrs 17 dager siden
You know when someone is smart when they refuse to say they are. Cause smart people know that there can always be someone smarter.
TrailerFilms Entertainment
you, stuff made here, jlaser, and hacksmith should all team up
Rosimeire Souza Rocha
Rosimeire Souza Rocha 19 dager siden
my God imagine this in a real move kkkkk
syberphish 20 dager siden
You seriously put a $100k camera through CHECKED LUGGAGE???? D:
Michael Napper
Michael Napper 20 dager siden
This is what happens when you never lose that child like wonder. Awesome!
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson 20 dager siden
cnc fromm oren
bull 21 dag siden
When the ATF starts requiring you to have a tax stamp for baseball bat, this is where it started... 🤣🤣 Gonna be the next big thing to form 1!
BlaxaI 21 dag siden
Now add the spin machine again
Robert Castleberry
Robert Castleberry 22 dager siden
So you typically would want a baseball bat made of baseballs...
Leland Pryor
Leland Pryor 22 dager siden
I never thought someone would make a front and back of a bat
Matt Szalay
Matt Szalay 23 dager siden
Love stuffmadehere. And love his shirt
Janna Jantz
Janna Jantz 23 dager siden
wendyn 23 dager siden
commercial product when?
Narwal Gaming
Narwal Gaming 24 dager siden
The USA: where is all our gun ammo?? Destin and Shane: ... bat go BOOM
Lucas Joiner
Lucas Joiner 24 dager siden
Mad batter and stuff made here's bat
Commander Gates
Commander Gates 25 dager siden
Cool 4 charges can be used as a machine to cook popcorn :3
Faiz 25 dager siden
2:33 "when you can't afford 'em, you've gotta build 'em" -shane
JC 28 dager siden
You know Shane has got to have some spectacular content when he has over 2 million subs and only 21 vids. Way to go, Shane! And thank you for the awesome content!
Morgan Maletis
Morgan Maletis 29 dager siden
Imagine putting this bat on the mad batter and hitting a supersonic pitch.
Connor Scholten
Connor Scholten 29 dager siden
Whoever is keeping Shane from flying out to Alabama to complete the mad batter, supersonic canon, and exploding bat Megazord needs to let him go!
Toaster 29 dager siden
mad batter with the explosive bats
Joe Måned siden
I like your video's but I smell BS. You said you went out to help this guy break your record and film it, but then when it gets to the final test and you go to break this record the area that is 700+ ft away is a tall grass area that you can conveniently just say we think he did but who knows... Seems fishy, like why would you not plan to have the area that is that distance away clear to be able to find it. It doesn't make any sense
Duner250R Måned siden
I'd like to see what the differences would be with a longer and shorter stroke of the paddle.. Surely the length of stroke would affect the velocity and power of the paddle
Austin Billbe
Austin Billbe Måned siden
I need one
feng li
feng li Måned siden
I was not expecting it set on fire 10:33 and I think how they literally got rid of the stopping system it look like the power went farther than a ball
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee Måned siden
A mad batter made out of bunch of these could be insane
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins Måned siden
Gotta love how the only thing stopping two nerds from breaking the home run distance record is their ability to square up a ball on a tee.
Adrian Booysen
Adrian Booysen Måned siden
"If you're the smartest person in a room, you're not in the right room" -IDK Confucius of someone
Lance Purcell
Lance Purcell Måned siden
Hey, your weak point is trying to swing the bat with the correctly calibrated force and accuracy, right? So make a cylinder that travels along a path constrained by slider-things. That, in turn, has your rocket-propellef "paddle" thingy that accelerates the ball--a two-stage bat. I predict 1,297 ft.
Dathiccestpotato Måned siden
6:05 Look how the bat starts out moving, but when the pistons fire, they push back on the bat, and it stops for a second. Then when the pistons fully extend they pull on the bat and it starts moving again.
John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Johnstar IV
it should not be so long, it should be an explosive plate, it would have to travel less and would deliver more immediate force
Baby__ Microwave
Baby__ Microwave Måned siden
Now all we need is to combine the devices
Chad Parr
Chad Parr Måned siden
You need to swing more leval
EWGFus3r Måned siden
what if you hit a guy on the heat with this thing?
Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian Måned siden
You're losing all your swing momentum when the paddle fires. You need to push out an equal load in the opposite direction.
Silas H.
Silas H. Måned siden
You guys should change the bat's of the madadder to these bat's
CUBENSiS Måned siden
Its like the mythbusters, Destin is Adam with the energy and Shane is Jamie with the deadpan monotone.
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis Måned siden
I like the interplay between Dustin, who is very outspoken, and Sean, who is very quiet.
Julian Lucke
Julian Lucke Måned siden
Now imagine if you take the Gun-Bat from Shane and mount it on the spin-o-matic from Destin. That must equal a supersonic Baseballbat (Baseballcannon?).
Mystery Bat
Mystery Bat Måned siden
Heyy bro your videos is epic man and we are supporting you from basically all our devices!!! My one friend is similar to you, very smart and open minded... i want to help him get a app to make 3D objects; similar to the one you use when creating objects for the 3D printer. Do you maybe know a great app's name? Thanks a lot!!
J Games
J Games Måned siden
Explosive bat + the mad batter
Ek Seng Ng
Ek Seng Ng Måned siden
Shane looks like Rick Moranis from Honey, i shrunk the kids
Matt Bunch
Matt Bunch Måned siden
This is just a new "pumpkin chunkin" competition. (youtube it)
Miguel zGoat
Miguel zGoat Måned siden
I would really love to see a professional batter use this🤷🏾‍♂️
Thomas G. Petersen
Thomas G. Petersen Måned siden
Back to rewatch this video. I really appreciate being introduced to Shane and his channel.
Sploderisem Måned siden
nice one fellas
Daedje Måned siden
First thought after seeing the intro... what is the Supersonic baseball cannon pitched for the mad batter :-)
SlimeSaber Måned siden
Hold on a second I need to reload my baseball bat
David Sutton
David Sutton Måned siden
Dude! You have got to combine the two baseball experiments! Have a baseball pitched at Mach 1 and then hit by bat. Crazy technically to achieve this, but think if that could be done? Amazing!!!
expert_fretwork Måned siden
Destin @ 4:09: "It's a suppressor..." **ATF HAS ENTERED THE CHAT**
drewb Måned siden
Make Destin’s spinning death bat machine made of Shane’s explosive bats. Combine the 2 ideas together
Shmozone Måned siden
convert supersonic baseball cannon into a big piston that hits the ball ez
ButeryPopcorn Good
ButeryPopcorn Good 2 måneder siden
Hi guys GL reading comments lol White screen? The end Jk LOL Ur almost half way Now it’s the end lol Jk again Their is a lot of add on this vid This is getting boring Should I stop? Fine Have A Great Day👍
ButeryPopcorn Good
ButeryPopcorn Good 2 måneder siden
Hi guys GL reading comments lol White screen? The end Jk LOL Ur almost half way Now it’s the end lol Jk again Their is a lot of add on this vid This is getting boring Should I stop? Fine Have A Great Day👍 Hi guys GL reading comments lol White screen? The end Jk LOL Ur almost half way Now it’s the end lol Jk again Their is a lot of add on this vid This is getting boring Should I stop? Fine Have A Great Day👍
Vincent 2 måneder siden
put shane's bat on the mad batter
Alejandro 2 måneder siden
7:27 he knows it
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 2 måneder siden
Isn't there a correlation between transfer of power and the mass of the plate launching the ball? I know you're trying to make a "bat" stylized launcher, but couldn't you make a larger and more spatula/fly swatter design at the impact area? Wouldn't this, provided an aerodynamic design, lead to more energy transfer to the projectile? - Cheers on the great video series guys!
ReelRai 2 måneder siden
Shane is an absolute genius. The way he reacts to the velocity calculation being spot on is so funny.
davidMlavallee 2 måneder siden
I love the Trash Pandas baseball!
Hastey Burner
Hastey Burner 2 måneder siden
The third airbus molecularly change because equipment randomly dust times a sassy cricket. deserted, ashamed shears
jca111 2 måneder siden
Jamie and Adam v2.0 ?
spacepotat0 2 måneder siden
Lets sign a petition to get mike trout to hit with this bat
Rodolfo 2 måneder siden
why dont you ask a professional baseball player to hit the ball with this bat ?
America 1st
America 1st 2 måneder siden
All these brains and no homing device for the baseball, Tracking beacon, GPS? P.S. you have your dome and chest covered, but left the family jewels vulnerable 🤦‍♂️
Art Flores
Art Flores 2 måneder siden
I don’t know how haven’t done any of the World Series fist Pitch
K C 2 måneder siden
this collab is excellent, and we're all better off for more of it.
OSCAR MIKE 2 måneder siden
Not sure if Shane had ever played baseball before thinking about this
Brian C
Brian C 2 måneder siden
The unequaled letter internationally share because bumper legally poke unto a dreary pakistan. freezing, unruly patch
Winder Zhao
Winder Zhao 2 måneder siden
The sloppy feather greely chew because karate optimally sip about a hot huge sentence. delightful, satisfying fur
Derplord 2.0
Derplord 2.0 2 måneder siden
Shane is a mega mind mega Chad
Derplord 2.0
Derplord 2.0 2 måneder siden
Shane is a mastermind engineer that has the ideas of a frat boy.
Viola Nkomo
Viola Nkomo 2 måneder siden
The crossover we didn't know we needed
Try Thinking
Try Thinking 2 måneder siden
Imagine this. Put Shane, Dustin, Mark, Alex Steele, and the Mythbusters guy and lock them into a warehouse together with all the machines and tools they need with one mission....... make something awesome.
MondoManDevout 26 dager siden
@I have a name And NightHawk!
I have a name
I have a name Måned siden
Don't forget Hacksmith
Hendrik Smith
Hendrik Smith 2 måneder siden
Add Colinfurze to the mix as well and whatever you build will be sufficiently terrifying.
Vach Bakth
Vach Bakth 2 måneder siden
Tom Stanton and Mark Rober joining the power rangers team wud be ultimate....
Adam Place
Adam Place 2 måneder siden
I love the spider web of great NOsections. From Smarter Every Day you can get to Mark Rober, Veritasium, Steve Mould and now Stuff Made Here, and if you keep branching out from them, you end up with the best of NOsections - all the way to Corridor, 3Blue1Brown, Tom Scott, on and on. So do yourself a favor - go down the rabbit hole on this channel. You'll love his videos, and those of the people he works with, and those of the people *they* work with, etc, and you really will end up smarter every day. And yes, I really took a piece of paper and diagrammed out all the connections.
Catya Carothers
Catya Carothers 2 måneder siden
I loved your kids being so excited about getting a protractor!
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