How I Boarded a US NAVY NUCLEAR SUBMARINE in the Arctic (ICEX 2020) - Smarter Every Day 237 

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Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.

Even though things are getting a bit difficult, The US Navy continues to provide stability and security. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here: www.navy.com/

There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:

The Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks offers incredible opportunities to research Arctic regions. They OWN A ROCKET RANGE. They do things like predict Aurora and monitor seismic and volcanic activity. I wish I knew about this when I was younger. www.gi.alaska.edu/

Check out the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meed who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch. www.navy.com/

I asked Sofia to write a little blurb about her job experience: Sofia Montalvo is an Ice Analyst at the US National Ice Center (USNIC). She studied meteorology at the University of Miami and atmospheric science at North Carolina State University, but did not know that mapping and forecasting sea ice for safety and navigation was a thing she could do. She loves her job for the mission it upholds: The USNIC Operations Department Analysts use remote sensing and model data to produce hemispheric, regional, and tailored ice and snow analyses. The Operations department is committed to the safety of navigation, protection of life and property, and government scientific research.


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14. juni. 2020





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SmarterEveryDay År siden
Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience. And here is what I want to say: This was an absolutely incredible experience. The Navy personnel and Academic Research Scientists who kept me safe were incredibly professional. Every person I met was exceptional. Also, can I just say that the experience of going underway in a submarine was INCREDIBLE. I'm still trying to decide how I want to release the footage (when I receive the last of it after it's been OPSEC cleared). Right now I'm leaning towards a series of videos similar to a Smarter Every Day Deep Dive on the submarines. The name is certainly fitting! I've also given a lot of thought to recent events here at home and around the world. It occurs to me that the US Navy brings stability and security to the world in a very unique way these days. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to meet these individuals so I now know how professional these people are. I also want to say thank you to people who support Smarter Every Day on Patreon. My goal is to make intelligent, humble, respectful content. I was given approval for this experience provided I could purchase all the necessary cold weather gear and find a way to get there. Patrons of Smarter Every Day made that happen, so thank you to everyone who partners with me to make this kind of content by supporting at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday. If you're new here, please consider a sub! (lol) Warm Regards, Destin
Hussain 3 måneder siden
@ScottHz you are right in a way, but its also the responsibility of the US pilots and soldiers not to target civilians and its also the responsibility of the politicians. If you tell me no us soldiers have done any war crimes individually, I beg you to rethink. Look at Abu graib in Iraq and then speak again. Yes the blame goes to higher ups but it also goes to the bottom tier equally, sense they went into the job knowing they are doing something wrong.
ScottHz 3 måneder siden
@Hussain ...a strong offense is the best defense.
ScottHz 3 måneder siden
@murk1e Admirals (and Generals) wear whatever they want - when I interviewed with the admiral of the nuclear navy, he was wearing a typical two-piece business suit and power tie. ;)
ScottHz 3 måneder siden
@CaptainCanuck100 the military is just a tool, it does not decide where to apply it’s power - blame that on the politicians, not the people who carry our the missions.
MiSAka 4 måneder siden
What an amazing journey
Fire Hedgehog
Fire Hedgehog 7 timer siden
I was in, ROTC back in high school, and it was Navy ROTC and the teachers, a retired Master Chief Petty Officer and Commander are two of the most awesome people I have ever met, most of my fondest High School memories are of ROTC
Simon Suarez
Simon Suarez Dag siden
It is awesome that the command center for the Camp Seadragon uses Python. I spotted "...pandas dataframe..." on the back of one screen and a Matplotlib visualization for the ice movements. What a cool video!
kebman 4 dager siden
If that Admiral walked past me in the corridor, I'm not sure I'd ever know his rank. That's one under-cover admiral!
kebman 4 dager siden
That sun halo you saw.... Man, you could do a video on that alone xD EPIC! I've only seen it a few times in the North of Norway.
kebman 4 dager siden
The scientist leader looks Finnish. And Destin, do you have Swedish heritage? And that dude in the plane, must've been Danish or something (ok perhaps German???). But where's the Norwegian???
kebman 4 dager siden
-20°C isn't so bad. Below -15°C you'll start to feel your nose hairs freeze a little. It's a very funny tugging feeling, and it just gets more and more intense the colder it becomes. I mean, it's not like it's annoying, but it's noticeable. Once you pass -30°C, it starts to get _cold_ tho. And at -40°C it starts to get dangerous if you stay out for too long or don't know what you're doing. Granted anything below +5°C can be dangerous if you get wet, or if it gets windy. And in fact cold but above 0 temps are more dangerous than the really cold ones, due to how you don't notice that you're going into hypothermia. At least at below -15°C you'll notice your limbs starting to burn.
Orrin de Kock
Orrin de Kock 11 dager siden
im very late to this, but the halo and spots of light on the halo around the sun are called sun dogs.
Pepe' the beloved
Pepe' the beloved 12 dager siden
Lol George Floyd overdosed on pure heroine. Fetynal.
Miky Schuster
Miky Schuster 12 dager siden
This looks like such a interesting trip. I would love to go there and annoy ppl with my stupid questions.
blue scorpion
blue scorpion 15 dager siden
wrobelx 16 dager siden
Oh geez that surface rust on that sub is scary
Nate Howe
Nate Howe 17 dager siden
The stuff around the sun at 7:40 is what we Minnesotans can sun dogs
neoxaero 18 dager siden
These research guys really seem to be lacking in personality on the plane and after they land.
Adam Ridley
Adam Ridley 21 dag siden
This is crazy to me as an Alaskan because I’ve never seen a video where someone goes to Alaska
Pope DEX-STARR 21 dag siden
Trying to understand green camo uniforms in the arctic.
Zack Attack
Zack Attack 21 dag siden
The akward fist bump🤣
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 22 dager siden
So awesome!
Chris P
Chris P 22 dager siden
You know its Alaska when the Admiral is meeting in the boot closet. Stay warm out there guys and stay safe. Thank you!!
chris lewis
chris lewis 23 dager siden
Why mention that dope head flood spoit the video
TimesThree 23 dager siden
GF was not murdered. He was resisting arrest. And c19 not that big a deal.
psy Amok
psy Amok 23 dager siden
Lol sounds like your balls srank with that cold lol. No disrespect, I am from the tropical area. Would not survived that cold.
VooDooTube 25 dager siden
When great minds come together!.
TV Ted
TV Ted 26 dager siden
I highly recommend everyone to watch the documentary “ The Untold History of the United States “ It shows how ALL of the wars after WWII have been started by the USA for self interest. NOTHING to do with defending itself. The misery and death caused by the US foreign policy since, is a mark on humanity. LEST WE FORGET.
Rupert Holder
Rupert Holder 26 dager siden
"There are people who want to harm America".. no; there are people in America who want you to think that people want to harm America, so they can do what they want to shift money from lower to upper classes and getting you to do what they want. That happens to almost every other country as well, by the help of America/Russia/China etc.
Pookie2112 26 dager siden
Just reminds me of The Thing
Frank Lincoln
Frank Lincoln 27 dager siden
These videos are awesome, but I feel like Destin at least slightly annoys nearly everyone with which he meets. Definitely a goofy, awkward guy.
brenda star
brenda star 27 dager siden
Bravo Zulu, Destin. I've watched ALL of your submarine-related "doincluding
brenda star
brenda star 27 dager siden
(message keeps disappearing) At the end of the Toledo/ICEX experience you say "surfacing" one is to come. Where is it? Want to post on Facebook, including on the USS Toledo page
Kyle Jonas
Kyle Jonas 28 dager siden
That guys name is Michael Cox? Mike Cox?
Blank Name
Blank Name 28 dager siden
I am so happy these brave men and women are protecting our Country and Constitution.
570N3Y 28 dager siden
George Floyd wasn't murdered he died of a drug overdose
Ian 29 dager siden
Bunch of dorks feeling the same level of cold they did during prom night.
Ian 29 dager siden
America goes on as if everyone is attacking them, but no one else has more invasions under their belt than good old USA,
AKNativ3907 29 dager siden
For those wondering, UIC stands for Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation. How do I know? I live in Barrow, Alaska😄
AKNativ3907 29 dager siden
If you’re wondering where they say “UIC”, it’s at 17:56
Brandon Laswiss
Brandon Laswiss 29 dager siden
The was really interesting to see inside of a Sub Most likely the safest ship to be on too as it under water already no worry's about sinking storm would have no effect on a sub
Daniel Curtis
Daniel Curtis Måned siden
George Floyd wasn’t murdered!!! Manslaughter maybe but there is no evidence that the officer had murderous intent or was reckless in a way that put the public at large. It was a show trial that set a bad precedent for future race relations. Seriously if it was murder than why are people still so angry???
Abi Måned siden
*Destin has a welcome card wherever he goes on the planet earth.*
Andrei Måned siden
We get that 360 degree rainbow/halo thing around the sun in Southern California in the spring. Its right above though, last one I saw was 2 weeks ago around 2pm and lasted for a few hours.
Aaron Unite
Aaron Unite Måned siden
7:52 ohhhh Canada 🇨🇦
jpatt1000 Måned siden
Just started re-watching this series and at the beginning Destin is talking about the changes that happened while he was on board. Here's something else that has changed since this video aired. 1:36 The USS Bonhomme Richard suffered a massive fire while in port and is being scrapped. This may be some of the last footage of her at sea!
Doug Mapper
Doug Mapper Måned siden
I see the official hairstyle of Alaska is "hat hair"
Preussian Blau
Preussian Blau Måned siden
Dollaga isnt American he's Philippino.
Christine Moore
Christine Moore Måned siden
Ok living in MN and ND we have -30 to -40 for like at least 2 months it’s really not that bad unless the wind is bad but usually we didn’t have wind that cold and you see sun dogs alllllllllll the time ! (Sun dogs in the morning sailers warning sun dogs at night sailers delight ) it’s just light refracting off ice crystals in the air.
Jeremiah Grant
Jeremiah Grant Måned siden
Weird halo around the sun.... Translation....Geo-Engineering/Solar Radiation Management... AKA...Chem-Trails...
Esther Varghese
Esther Varghese Måned siden
Isn't the halo around the sun called a Sundog?
noahman27 Måned siden
absolutely amazing.
Incredible Equipment
So scary about the action, really insane submarine I ever know. This was undisputedly incredible challenge of US Navy.
Skeletor935 Måned siden
that one radar guy went out there with no gloves and a baseball cap. gives zero Fs about cold weather
Andy Bowers
Andy Bowers Måned siden
You are smart enough to talk nerd with the nerds and make sense of it all for my brain. Good work!!
george kane
george kane Måned siden
6:00 yes, we can see that the floor responds to changes in the floor
george kane
george kane Måned siden
4:22 people were laughing at you because of your Alabama hat
bonsohazard Måned siden
I agree for the most part and thanks for all your work, but a submarine is the worst example of "protecting the constitution". You don't protect it by sneaking through international waters
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Måned siden
Defending hahahha
George Szweden
George Szweden Måned siden
They should let this man explore area 51
cringleberry Måned siden
13:32 "staff", "student", "professor". I bet that's their code names. *cough C.I.A *cough 😆
Austin Wigley
Austin Wigley Måned siden
How many times we gonna repeat "defend the constitution" like it means something
TheEyeman Måned siden
Admiral Dollaga sounds like the guy from Khan Academy I guess.
zerobow Måned siden
Amazing dude
Tina Bina Southwest
Tina Bina Southwest Måned siden
Didn’t tell the chief it was nice to meet him 🤔
Stephen Spain
Stephen Spain Måned siden
this series on the US Navy Nuclear Submarine has to be one of the most awesome things on youtube
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez Måned siden
15:30 for a second it felt like he'd teach me how to make a slingshot.
Josiah Fawcett
Josiah Fawcett Måned siden
I think the sun reflection thing is called sun dogs.
Nico V
Nico V Måned siden
When Destin talked about the American military bringing regional stability all I heard was "There is oil in the arctic and Murica wants to be ready to claim it, when the Arab nations run dry". Also engaging in proxy wars for the last 40 something years since Korea and being directly responsible for the migration crisis in North Africa and the Middle East is not my understanding of bringing stability to the world. Other than that, interesting stuff.
PsychedGuitar 2 måneder siden
lol Chicago gets -90 with the Windchill and I've see that halo around the sun and the moon
T. 'Wild' Weasel
T. 'Wild' Weasel 2 måneder siden
Just discovered your channel, subbed right away! Super intresting and informative!! Greets from the Netherlands, T.
Jimmy the Geek stickeyrice
Please keep political comments out of your presentation. George Floyd is important to history of America is your opinion not the majority of Americans. It is touchstone no doubt but there are forces within our Country that are trying to leverage this event to change our Republic for their political gain. I’m 72 ex Navy USS Forrestal59, don’t be a dummy
Athar Ali
Athar Ali 2 måneder siden
Alas I want to be a usa citizen and join this gorgeous fleet .
Dylan Everson
Dylan Everson 2 måneder siden
i watched the whole thing waiting for him to get on the sub then realised its another video.
Mac Mac
Mac Mac 2 måneder siden
He’s with ices
jamcdonald120 2 måneder siden
Boss I think I see a polar bear Boss: Thats a submarine
CAVGUY1158 2 måneder siden
Aahhh George Floyd died of a drug overdose. He was not murdered. Get your facts right please.
Ashflame 2 måneder siden
9:50 there is no mistaken this dude is a boss..... he just has that aura that tells me hes exactly where hes supposed to be doing exactly what he was meant to do. Listening to him speak is like watching Picasso paint
Samuel Archer
Samuel Archer 2 måneder siden
18:31 love the drive "Is it salty" Laughs "You wanna try it" Super serious (I do actually)
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 2 måneder siden
It’s too bad you didn’t get to video a tour of my space, back aft.
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 2 måneder siden
he was NOT murdered you have lost my sub.
Bayern 2 måneder siden
He always remind me y i study engineering
Navy Hole Snipe
Navy Hole Snipe 2 måneder siden
From a Navy Veteran, thank you for recognizing us. You are the best! Thank you! Thank you!
sandy ernst
sandy ernst 2 måneder siden
I boarded one in Pearl Harbor. Do I get a cookie now?
kathy Mountain
kathy Mountain 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much for these amazing video's on the nuclear submarine. We were fortunate to meet 2 young men on leave in Charleston,SC that had just finished training and were headed to their 1st sub. Now we understand with your videos what they would be experiancing
yetisuncle 2 måneder siden
i think theyve proved that floyd died from an overdose of the fentanyl he was on at the time. thos the cop kneeling on his throat certainly didnt help, and was unacceptable. i believe your verbiage is inaccurate.... but hey, thats the world we live in nowdays isnt it.
Felix Arrieche
Felix Arrieche 2 måneder siden
And all the amazing people you meet!
Brent Blankenship
Brent Blankenship 2 måneder siden
The grad students are thinking about math while you’re making jokes lol
John Will
John Will 2 måneder siden
How could this video possibly have a thumbs down? Crazy! This man is a national treasure!
Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien 2 måneder siden
George Floyd was a career criminal please don't make him out to be a martyr. I like your videos please keep politics out of it
Reptilian Apple Salesman
Reptilian Apple Salesman 3 måneder siden
I miss Alaska. I was part of the Clean Sweep team who did environmental site assessments on all of the old White Alice, Long Range, and Short Range Radar Sites prior to their demolition.
L33T_Taco 3 måneder siden
Thats a valid point... some where Submariners came up outa the water 5-6 months late into the pandemic without knowing.
The Proper Communist
The Proper Communist 3 måneder siden
Man this feels like it was uploaded a week ago
CloneY -
CloneY - 3 måneder siden
27:05 looks at her a$$ :D
FROSTY GAMER 3 måneder siden
Canada heck ya I'm Canadian and I'm happy to be
Nick Jeffrey
Nick Jeffrey 3 måneder siden
Next level life changing experience
Ibrahim Kurtoglu
Ibrahim Kurtoglu 3 måneder siden
6:00 professor speaks very clear amazing speech
Ciro Souza
Ciro Souza 3 måneder siden
"This is not Texas" Oh boy that didn't age well
kangaxx 3 måneder siden
captbloodbeard 3 måneder siden
That halo around the sun is called Sun Dogs, and we get it in the northern states of the continental US too, like Minnesota and North Dakota. They're beautiful.
captbloodbeard 3 måneder siden
Watching an Alabaman in the cold really makes this video fun. Minnesota represent! Negative 30 is nothing.
Olivia Bean
Olivia Bean 3 måneder siden
3:38. "This is a problem." Yep. I agree. Hi from MT, rocking negatives weekly December through February! I'd love to understand more how windchill works, and how -7º can feel like -30º.
Willie 2000
Willie 2000 3 måneder siden
i would really love to read about that acoustic navigation thing... if that's not classified
XtremeBordom 3 måneder siden
Admiral Dollaga sounds and looks like a badass.
Milton McCain
Milton McCain 3 måneder siden
*Mentions George Floyd* *For some Reason* 30 seconds later: “We are on the Cusp of living up to the ideals the country was founded on.” I don’t think we wanna go back to those ideals, seeing as though they weren’t ideal for everyone.
That_Seagull 3 måneder siden
That george floyd "murder" was justified. Not sure why people got so upset about it.