How Sonar Works (Submarine Shadow Zone) - Smarter Every Day 249 

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26. des.. 2020





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SmarterEveryDay 5 måneder siden
This was an incredibly challenging video to make. The challenge came with getting the Navy to agree to the interview in the first place, then successfully navigating the interview without it being shut down. In the end, everyone was super professional and it was a really fun topic to learn about! I hope you enjoy, and thank you very much for considering becoming a Patron at (www.patreon.com/smartereveryday)!
pat bax
pat bax 15 dager siden
You always do an amazing job you also should do a video on radar if you can.
minicoopertn 28 dager siden
@Grover Thank you for your reply.
Grover 28 dager siden
@minicoopertn Yes, with enough sound and the right surfaces. I don't know about icebergs specifically, but I suspect so. They can tell where the bottom is, whether it's rocky or sandy, etc. That's a large part of how they get away with using active sonar so infrequently.
EinHawking Ponya
EinHawking Ponya Måned siden
Man! I love animated videos.
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas Måned siden
Whats funny is it's not just 20,000 leagues that Verne totally predicted the future, but his space travel one, US launched a rocket (bullet in the book) to get to the moon, from Florida too haha He had his finger on technology pulse for sure, it's like living in 2400 and seeing star trek predict all the current warp drive tech
Helio Wakasugui
Helio Wakasugui 2 timer siden
For anyone interested, play the game "Dangerous Waters" (or the older Sub Command) , which is available on Steam. Sonar is very well simulated there, obviously it's a game and oversimplified, but it's based on the real thing (developer Sonalysts worked/works for the US Navy).
Neuro 10 timer siden
"In terms of understanding, how am I doing though?" "you're pretty good" "I'm like at kindergarten though?" "That's all we want you to know." that smirk at the end, I lol'd
crayonfish2 12 timer siden
I like how the chief just pulled that out of, hey this is declassified I can get the manual right now if you want
D Brown
D Brown Dag siden
This series is excellent. Great work. Is there any way to double subscribe? “One ping only please.”
OhHhKiE 2 dager siden
Okay I was right there with you until 18 minutes in. I swear you started speaking another language. LOL
Josiah Brubacher
Josiah Brubacher 2 dager siden
Great video Destin!
Ilya Shevyryaev
Ilya Shevyryaev 2 dager siden
Спасибо, товарищ!
miltonmoll 3 dager siden
United states should not have allowed this why are tax payers permitting this .
acid alex
acid alex 4 dager siden
hay Destin where can I find the spectrogram that you use in the vid?
Duner250R 6 dager siden
Anybody else curious how much the Navy had him delete? I know he does pretty well at recording what he can And not recording what he's not allowed to but I'm sure there was stuff they weren't comfortable with him having on video. Im just curious how many gigs were deleted.
PitoPinto Gorgorito
PitoPinto Gorgorito 6 dager siden
This kind of content is what makes NOsections worth
fachon tu regalon
fachon tu regalon 6 dager siden
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Danyon Swordfyre
Danyon Swordfyre 8 dager siden
Bearing graphs may be good for math but you can do way better in terms of visualization
James Rowland
James Rowland 8 dager siden
You're such a great teacher
a4mad X
a4mad X 9 dager siden
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad 9 dager siden
The educated pail biophysically joke because december respectively destroy of a troubled piccolo. deserted, agonizing crocus
Zwenk Wiel
Zwenk Wiel 9 dager siden
Bossman:"that's a no-go, last 15 seconds have to go" Sonar operator "nice" XD
R O Y 10 dager siden
Who dislike this video? 😑
October PvP
October PvP 11 dager siden
this is by far the best one of these vids
John 1170
John 1170 12 dager siden
As a boat captain we use radar fairly similar. But I’m dealing with one plain, how do they deal with objects higher and lower than them
Pizza Goblin
Pizza Goblin 13 dager siden
Anyone else notice the cribbage championship? Nice to see it's still a submariner tradition
AvengeVoltaire 13 dager siden
such few females there, must be heteropatriarchy responsibility for the pay gap, nothing to do with genetics... just patriarchy
destin havens
destin havens 13 dager siden
" the lower frequencies are down here and higher frequencies are up here " my fav voice line from destin so far hahah !
Darci Schmid
Darci Schmid 13 dager siden
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shawn mccarty
shawn mccarty 14 dager siden
Talking about different sonar returns cause of water conditions reminds me of reading clancy's hunt for red October and a few of his other books have submarine scenes and even battles they talk a lot about the thermal layer (basically where warm surface water turns into cold deep water) if a sub is below the layer it has difficulty hearing above the layer and explains why most American anti-submarine Destroyers have two separate towed array sonars one for above the thermal layer and the other for below the thermal layer so it will be a lot more difficult for subs to hide
Sam Wallis
Sam Wallis 14 dager siden
@10:15 dude must be hungry XD am i the only one who heard his stomach growl?
pat bax
pat bax 15 dager siden
You always do an amazing job you also should do a video on radar if you can.
Andrew 1059
Andrew 1059 16 dager siden
John McElroy
John McElroy 16 dager siden
Thank you very much for all this!
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre 16 dager siden
As an Army & Air Force guy - i always picked on the Navy Dudes (and the Marines they own ;o) .... but you've gotta respect the work these guys do !!! Pretty cool ...
ProcrastinaThor 16 dager siden
I bet they didn't have to dodge the dragon leviathan
Cecilio Romo
Cecilio Romo 17 dager siden
Anyone know the software used to analyze the spectrogram?
kali undescribed
kali undescribed 17 dager siden
I actually had it right somehow tho
Lucapotamus Thomasmus
Lucapotamus Thomasmus 17 dager siden
I'd like to hear your take on the recent UFO activity and the connection it may have to these topics.
Asturian Cetorix
Asturian Cetorix 17 dager siden
I wonder how much that sonar stuff cost, from hydrophones to computers, on a nuclear vessel like that.
Christian Gellett
Christian Gellett 17 dager siden
I was hoping to hear how fourier-transformation can be used to "profile" the sounds picked up bu the hydrofones.
St. Devil
St. Devil 18 dager siden
Science behind sonar technology isn't all that classified information as these 2 Navy technicians were trying to make it appear. There's much more deeply technical literature available publicly on the web.
Lonnie Hargrove
Lonnie Hargrove 19 dager siden
This episode was mind blowing... My question is, Once you are in that "hidden zone" they can not see you but can you see them? Like a cell phone if the system cant see you you can not see them or call out. Same thing or not???? Inquiring minds wanna know. You do a Great job, you have the balance of learning and making it fun in balance that makes a great instructor. THANK YOU!!!
Alicia Adams
Alicia Adams 19 dager siden
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Simu War
Simu War 19 dager siden
Come on, this is stuff you can find in Web
Simu War
Simu War 19 dager siden
Russians have passive sonar too xD
ROfftensive 19 dager siden
I didn't learn anything, EVERYTHING WAS CLASSIFIED!
Jim Hopper
Jim Hopper 20 dager siden
this is such an amazing video series - thank you so much!
Mekkiceh 20 dager siden
I wouldn't have guessed the sonar stuff was so complex
FantaTim14 22 dager siden
There is actualy a Movie called Wolfs Howl or something along the lines that is exactly about this in essence
rj934 22 dager siden
Very well done and immensely interesting.
Hangdon Fregn
Hangdon Fregn 22 dager siden
Hi, you might did not take into consideration the vertical element. From min 12:00 all you are saying is amazing. However, if for example you have a bearing 0 or 360 your contact could still be above or below your dept. I guess. :-)
Jont Noneya
Jont Noneya 23 dager siden
It was a tad annoying with the constant "Now tell me if I'm crossing lines here" references. I mean we get it, it's sensitive stuff but you kinda went overboard on that talk. Still it's a decent vid but definitely not my fav of yours.
Craig Newton
Craig Newton 23 dager siden
I love everything about this video series, many moons ago I was actually an anti-submarine warfare technician for the navy. I have a strange question for you though, where did you get the hydrophone sound effects you used in this video. I would love to use some of those in my haunted house.
Gwenn-Aël Granger
Gwenn-Aël Granger 23 dager siden
Salinity... in the 40s, german u-boats used the difference of salinity in the Saint-Laurent estuary to countermeasure the HMCSs’ active sonars.
SprueSurgeon 24 dager siden
Simply the best channel ever
Valkson1 25 dager siden
Very nice! Just one thing, it's pronounced plonJeur, not a hard G
fred lonbottom
fred lonbottom 25 dager siden
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parpar8090 25 dager siden
I literally downloaded Adobe Audition just for this cool sound insulation.
Teguh Aditanoyo
Teguh Aditanoyo 26 dager siden
I have a master's degree in acoustics (my thesis was about beamforming array system) and really eager to learn further about hydroacoustics and sonar. But I don't know where to profesionally start it... I wish I could know the world best university that offer PhD course about sonar and scholarships Later, I wish I can get a job as sonar scientist, then become "eye for the submarine" for future Indonesian navy Indonesia has 2/3 area of water, too bad if we cannot see underwater and keep safe the treasure beneath
Gavin Froling
Gavin Froling 26 dager siden
Awesome video. Thank you
Paul Redinger
Paul Redinger 26 dager siden
I think it's funny to redact the equation for the "shadow zone". I think our "enemies" also would know that information also. I mean how fast, deep, duration of diving, and things like this sure, yep let's keep it classified to protect our armed forces. Our opponents have the same playbook that we have.
Paul Redinger
Paul Redinger 26 dager siden
Garret? Isn't he the guy in charge of jalapeño poppers on pizza night??? Lol
iWIll OC
iWIll OC 26 dager siden
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Ziad 26 dager siden
14:55 Doesn't radar use electromagnetic radiation instead of Sonar's sound? Wouldn't that make the mechanism of the two different?
Robert Walker
Robert Walker 11 dager siden
Same principles apply, just using different parts of the frequency spectrum to attune to the different mediums in which they operate.
SMS Kaiser
SMS Kaiser 26 dager siden
Passive sonar sounds an awful lot like a hydrophone….
EPöXY 26 dager siden
Smarter every day: this episode My dog: I would like to know the location
Carcroven 26 dager siden
So icebergs don't make sound...so how do you see them with passive sonar? Or do you have to use active?
Sean K
Sean K 27 dager siden
Thanks Destin, interesting video as always. Why do they use the polar coordinate vs time graph instead of transforming it to something intuitive/easier to interpret without mistakes? Surely you could just have a more user friendly display with appropriate uncertainties around the positions, headings and velocities displayed that anyone could read. This is the bread and butter of robotics simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM).
Galen Kane
Galen Kane 27 dager siden
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Frozen Star
Frozen Star 27 dager siden
Active sonar is where the submarine sends out a Ping and waits for a return sound, and based on the sound they can tell many things about what it bounced off of, but the downside to using active sonar is if the ping bounces of another ship with sonar that ship will hear the noise and know that you're there. that's about a quarter of what I know
Chandra W.
Chandra W. 27 dager siden
This guy looks terrified during this interview, lol.
Brayden Otto
Brayden Otto 28 dager siden
Mythbusters intro = Amazing
Luckett Coronado
Luckett Coronado 28 dager siden
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manuel hubbard
manuel hubbard 28 dager siden
Destin getting himself into "hot water". Curiosity killed the cat ROFL, Just read that RP33 man, don't end up in a torpedo tube with some half-eaten Jalapeno Poppers. LOL ;-)
technick 28 dager siden
I'm loving the series, a lot of the things you explain make sense. Keep doing this cool stuff and I'm definitely subscribing. My only request is try to stop pushing raycon headphones, they're awful and support is none existent. I picked up a pair over black friday and they worked for 2 weeks, then died. I thought it could have been a fluke, got a second pair of refurbished headphones that died in under 2 months. Raycon is dead to me, my samsung buds are 100x better.
saileyboy 28 dager siden
Your graph work explanation is outstanding
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
Props to the man
Jayden Gates
Jayden Gates 28 dager siden
The gifted shadow implicitly part because toenail proportionately play aboard a well-made illegal. next, whispering beginner
razorfett147 28 dager siden
I can see now why Tom Clancy got hounded so much by the Feds after publishing The Hunt for Red October 😄
MyName IsSakr
MyName IsSakr 29 dager siden
What apps you're using to make those amazing effects?
Zachary Shappell
Zachary Shappell 29 dager siden
The shadow zone is now my new excuse for not seeing fish on my sonar
Buns3n 29 dager siden
i like the final word the most ^^
Anirban Sarkar
Anirban Sarkar 29 dager siden
can anybody tell me the app that used in 5:04
Foyorama OU812
Foyorama OU812 Måned siden
I love these videos... best on youtube
Josh Meisner
Josh Meisner Måned siden
What did you ask????
sfv6 Måned siden
Ill keep flippin burger till retirement 😅😅
AgeDrain Måned siden
Oh great Destin now you’re making our enemies smarter everyday to 😝
CAVOK Måned siden
That diagram got dirtay! ... but I got it.
Mike S
Mike S Måned siden
Awesome! Thanks to you, the USN, and the crew of the Toledo!
Jon Espinoza
Jon Espinoza Måned siden
🤩 this is very interesting....I wonder how does it feel to be under the sea for so long?
Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis Måned siden
Virginia Class subs have sound absorbing materials in the paint surrounding the hull of the boat.
Ascertivus Måned siden
21:00 Absolutely astounding.
Noah Lorenzo
Noah Lorenzo Måned siden
The entertaining soil hypothetically head because romania progressively stain toward a puzzled kite. curvy, deep chemistry
Ascertivus Måned siden
The acoustics lesson and spectrogram analysis were incredible. Wow!
Stephen Austin
Stephen Austin Måned siden
2:05 Destin describes WW2 sonar capability, the smirk on the sonar chief's face is priceless. 7:20 no object "shapes" per se in sub sonar target classification, not necessary to the mission. However, "bearing" (aka direction, 0-360 deg, true/relative) is key and instantaneous from equipment in active or passive sonar. 8:00 Getting warmer, bearing rate is used initially to make sure you're not going to run into something, on the right-drawing-left and on the left-drawing-right objects get your attention because they are 'closing' range (6th grade geometry). The fun starts when the classification and Target Motion Analysis (TMA) kick in. Ultimately, when the tactical sonar picture is complete, the conn (control room, derived from "conning tower") has a 3D mental image of own-ship and target with physical and mental overlays of; nautical chart, threat perception, intelligence and most important - forward thinking; what are we going to DO with that info? Classify it, log it, track it, record it, shadow it, play with it, manipulate it, or maybe kill it. Great work as always Destin. Cheers!
Jeanette Armstrong
Jeanette Armstrong Måned siden
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cgreen339 Måned siden
@24:09 the same book doc reads in back to the future?
Octavio Mariani
Octavio Mariani Måned siden
What is the program destin uses to analyze the spectrogram?
Sky Gamer11560
Sky Gamer11560 Måned siden
It must be so hard being one of those enlisted guys, you can tell how bad they want to get into the classified stuff, but they just can’t
Cogumelos Azuis
Cogumelos Azuis Måned siden
17:30 notice that If you're on open occean, you'll also have reflection from the top in the same way you would if you were under ice, because the impedance difference between water and air would create a similar interface there is between ice and water from the acoustic point of view
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock Måned siden
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Gio Gwno
Gio Gwno Måned siden
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Adam Posey
Adam Posey Måned siden
This guy is crazy smart! He dumbed it down enough for my 12 to help me understand and that's saying something!
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts