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We discussed Snatch Blocks on this episode of the No Dumb Questions podcast:

If you'd like to 3D print the Snatch Blocks and pulleys we use in this video they are here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:402...

Read Plutarch's account of Archimedes:

The wikipedia page on Block and Tackle is really good:

I thought this was a great video about why you should put blankets on your winch cable: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPba-...

Chris Hadfield is a veteran Canadian Astronaut and a great friend of science. He engages the public often and is a great follow on twitter: Cmdr_Hadfield
He can be contacted for speaking engagements here:

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Jeremy Fielding has his own NOsections channel which you can enjoy here!

A special thank you to @MurkyWanders on Twitter for videoing the Atlantis exhibit for us.

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SmarterEveryDay År siden
Snatch Block! I want to take a moment to thank those of you who support Smarter Every Day on Patreon. I'd also like to point out 2 things about this video. #1. You'll notice Jeremy Fielding is in this video. He's the "Contraption Fabricator" that's started working with me now because of your support on Patreon. He's a great designer, father, and friend. You'll be seeing more of Jeremy around thanks to those who support at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday/ #2. If you'd like to 3D print the Snatch Blocks and pulleys we use in this video they are here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:4022579 #3. I really enjoy KiwiCo and I think you will too. I got them as a Christmas gift for my children years ago, and it was a huge hit. It was after that experience that I reached out to their team and asked if I could advertise for them because of how good it was for our family. I think you'll enjoy it too. www.kiwico.com/smarter It was 3 things... I ended up pointing out 3 things.
digital subliminal messages
S T O P. R A P I N G. B A B I E S Good 🙈😲🙉luck ,/ .../ Can't work ,/.they broke slow and understandable / no your good ,/ / it's not what's support to happen / it's what they want to happen // ,
Halley Rai
Halley Rai 9 dager siden
The part where u pull the car tethered to itself..had no mechanical advantage
onradioactivewaves 19 dager siden
Was really hoping you were going to pull a submarine out of the water by hand.
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm Måned siden
Stupid science Science doesn't know Jupiter growing up to create the Sun. The Earth is about to have two Suns. The Earth is constantly expanding, Evidence is that Hawaii volcanic lava is constantly erupting, Jupiter ' s magnetic field is 20 times stronger than the Earth ' s , so Jupiter expanding is 20 times faster than the Earth, Jupiter future grewup creating the Sun
Sassy sasquatch
Sassy sasquatch Måned siden
@SmarterEveryDay you should check out slepnir the sscv crane
Josh Jacobsma
Josh Jacobsma 2 timer siden
Snatch block!
Trevor Kincaid
Trevor Kincaid 12 timer siden
Lol he said snatch
Joe Mayurnick
Joe Mayurnick 18 timer siden
Why do you guys have a blanket over the winch cable?
yocheckitman 19 timer siden
I thought laminar flow was your favorite thing?
jamcdonald120 Dag siden
But which is better? Snatch Blocks or Laminar Flow?
Mechanical Sympathy
Also the whole scene staging is kind of low tier. Like “omg this random pulley shows up to help me save the day with //STATCHBLOCKtm\\ !!” Come on. Also i dont know why ur calling pulleys snatchblocks. They are pulleys. No need for some fancy clickbait term like snatchblock. Unless you want to lure in jealous fathers who want to buy bulletproof chastity underwear for their daughters.
Mechanical Sympathy
I thought snatchblock was the bulletproof chastity underwear jealous fathers put on their daughters.
Trevor Harley
Trevor Harley Dag siden
This was cool. I had a pretty good understanding of all this but it was neat too see someone take the time to really break it down. I love this channel. Totally nerding out right now. Snatch block!
Austin Tarr
Austin Tarr 3 dager siden
Me: I know how it works Pully: *Pulls* Everybody: *Gasps*
Chill Vibes_YT
Chill Vibes_YT 3 dager siden
He lost me at compound
Bryan 3 dager siden
Great stuff! As a young civil engineer, working for a bridge construction company, one of my regular tasks was designing critical lift plans. Basically, beam erection plans. They included selecting the right crane(s), and the required “rigging” (i.e. cable size, number of parts in the block and tackle, lifting clamps, etc. Your video brings back lots of great memories.
Art India
Art India 3 dager siden
I wish that this things come in India .
Spectral_Drake 3 dager siden
That accent makes me think about propane and propane accessories
Sir Me
Sir Me 4 dager siden
12:00 Unco/Cool - bestill my heart 12:08 - oh YEAH!
Andrew Graham
Andrew Graham 4 dager siden
So maybe do a video about line/cable snap back... Don't stand in the line of pull my dude, we like seeing your videos.
Juan Alfredo Pelozo
Juan Alfredo Pelozo 4 dager siden
el hombre polea
Jordan Stephenson
Jordan Stephenson 4 dager siden
Was that Mark Rober in the center behind the young boy in the kiwico segment?
andrian tantya
andrian tantya 4 dager siden
Is this the man who play in truman show... He's the one that plays as truman's friend right..???
Lambo 5 dager siden
10:21 I thought Barnacles and Testicles were going to show up to retell the story. =(
F1 Rocket Engine
F1 Rocket Engine 5 dager siden
May it be said that the sheave (groove, wheel) take part of the weight please?
This guy is obsessed with pulleys! .... I mean, he's obsessed with everything he does in his videos. I love that.
Wayne Dean
Wayne Dean 6 dager siden
Yeah! Good instruction on things that can help every day
Kee-pyor Myndopen
Kee-pyor Myndopen 7 dager siden
Don’t smile too much bud
Chantz Carr
Chantz Carr 7 dager siden
The ending had me dyin😂😂
Levi Olin
Levi Olin 7 dager siden
I want to see somebody lift a million pounds by hand using a block of tackle. that would be cool.
Levi Olin
Levi Olin 7 dager siden
What is the heaviest weight ever lifted by hand using a block and tackle?
J.A.R. Family
J.A.R. Family 7 dager siden
256 Roll Tide
Roberto Eijs
Roberto Eijs 8 dager siden
New drinking game!!! Take a shot everytime you hear snatchblock or pulley
rahul chaudhary
rahul chaudhary 8 dager siden
Awsome vid on pully
GunnyNinja 8 dager siden
I remember the first time I watched this, I was yelling snatch block! for no reason. Now I own a winch, I can do it for real.
T 8 dager siden
Archimedes 🧡💚
Tony Ioannoni
Tony Ioannoni 8 dager siden
That is why you don't need a 10,000 pounds winch to pull 6,000 pounds truck, you can do it with a 3,000 pounds winch and 2 snatch blocks, but remember always that each snatch block doubles the force, but multiplies the time... The force luke!
Potty Mouth Meskin
Potty Mouth Meskin 8 dager siden
this is just like college. USELESS INFORMATION.
Judgment Proof
Judgment Proof 8 dager siden
I knew someone years ago who lived in an upstairs apartment and used a pulley system to bring stuff upstairs in a pan attached to the pulley. There was also someone else I knew who lived alone in his senior years who used a pulley to get a couch into his attic all by himself. As for that jeep, when you cut off the engine, you’re really supposed to put it in neutral to move the car without power
Dingly Johnson
Dingly Johnson 9 dager siden
12:59 that's the face of the true science geek.
Will 9 dager siden
I suspect something like this would have been used to build pyramids on a large scale
Brett Hoffman
Brett Hoffman 9 dager siden
Im pretty late to the comment show but hear me out, Pully Video with Brian Shaw (4x worlds strongest man) and do tug o war while cheating with pully's
احمد شوك
احمد شوك 9 dager siden
Halley Rai
Halley Rai 9 dager siden
I dont think it worked when u pulled the car tethered to itself..
Benny Justice
Benny Justice 10 dager siden
I don't see how adding the second block when pulling the truck on the trailer gave anymore mechanical advantage, it seems like it only changed the direction you were pulling from with traffic to against it. This seems like the same set up from the first example you did with your kids, which you said was a 2:1 system.
S M 10 dager siden
This is what school teachers are supposed to be like.
chocolate mousse
chocolate mousse 10 dager siden
SNATCH BLOCK!!! I know I'll never use one, but I feel now I need to buy one.
Quackks00 11 dager siden
Took me 4 rewatches to understand the mechanical physics. But I understand now!!
Sonoran Gaming
Sonoran Gaming 11 dager siden
Your jeep example was a fail. Let me explain why. Go to back to the ladder and cinder block example, and pretend your kids are the winch. On Example A, you have a single pulley and 3 point of contact. The winch, the pulley, and the blocks. You stated you are simply redirecting the force, which is true. On Example B, You have 2 pulleys, and 4 points of contact. The winch, the pulley, the snatch block, and the anchor back at the top. Now let's go back to the jeep. You only have 3 point of contact. The winch, the snatch block, and the jeep shackle. All you did was redirect the force so the winch could be anchored onto the jeep. The jeep still moved because it was the object of least resistance. What you forgot to do was add the fourth point of contact that would have given you your mechanical advantage. Had you put a snatch block on the shackle of the jeep, and anchored winch hook back to the tree, you would have gotten your advantage.
DieuDu Jambon
DieuDu Jambon 11 dager siden
Take a shot every time he says snatch block!
Mercanyin Riechert
Mercanyin Riechert 11 dager siden
Hey, help me design a pulley system to hand a dirt bike from the ceiling in my garage.
edgeeffect 11 dager siden
I thought I recognised Jeremy from somewhere! I came here because Steve Mould had clips of you "chanting" "SNATCH BLOCK!" in his pulley video and I had to find out what the enthusiasm was all about.... and (oh boy) did I find enthusiasm! .... you like your pulleys! ;) I remember Story Musgrave (on TV) taking about a "come along" I was hoping there'd be one of those in Chris Hatfield's tool box too... so I could finally see what it is.
lemmingscanfly5 12 dager siden
First thing I thought of when you were lifting the cinderblocks was the Pyramids of Giza. Maybe advanced pulley systems existed long before Archimedes.
Ammon Horton
Ammon Horton 12 dager siden
So in exchange of both torque and ease you are increasing the amount of strain put on whatever rope your using.
Everthing Atl
Everthing Atl 12 dager siden
SED has me walking around the house yelling Snatch Block!
Ung Inc
Ung Inc 12 dager siden
Bill McDonald
Bill McDonald 12 dager siden
The first machine that was made to mass-produce things was built for the British Admiralty to carve wooden pulley blocks. You can still visit the Portsmouth Block Mills today.
bzacon 13 dager siden
You're too excited to say snatch. That road crew was using a regular block...
timkis 64
timkis 64 13 dager siden
id like to see how changing pulley size(pulley ratio's effect) would change results using the same pulley setup.would be an interesting continuation of this video.
Chris Emerson
Chris Emerson 13 dager siden
Very informative! I’m the same way as far as being able to understand something better if I can get my hands on it! Draw it, build it or whatever to get a better understanding of what’s going on! And thanks for the Bama shout out!
TheStevester2 14 dager siden
As a commercial HVAC tech, I can confirm people are first doubtful, then pleasantly surprised when I break out the snatch block
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 14 dager siden
Great job!!!
KeyStroke 14 dager siden
Born and raised in Anniston, Alabama. I live in Dallas, but Alabama will always have a special place in my heart.
Chris Donaldson
Chris Donaldson 14 dager siden
Does the pulley size correlate to potwntial power and how would assending or descending pulley size affect overall draw?
Daniel Combs
Daniel Combs 13 dager siden
Pulley size only comes into play as related to the stiffness of the rope (thicker ropes need larger radii of curvature). Does not affect power output/mechanical advantage
aarav p
aarav p 14 dager siden
you gained one snatch block fan
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 14 dager siden
Arry cotter
Arry cotter 15 dager siden
Thanks for the upload...... I’m in the curious but confused club regarding pulleys ...... during lockdown I installed a new 80’ clothes line with a winder mechanism. It works okay with 3 single pulleys, 1 directly above the winder & the other 2 pulleys secured to large tree branch’s to complete the loop . Would replacing the single pulley directly above the winder give me mechanical advantage or is needed between the 2 trees ? Appreciate your thoughts & promise I won’t take the credit! Ha ha ha
Lutz der Lurch
Lutz der Lurch 15 dager siden
Is this a snatch block (TM) commercial?
el cucumber
el cucumber 15 dager siden
take a shot every time he says "tension in a rope"
Daniel Blackham
Daniel Blackham 15 dager siden
Are shoelace holes pulleys?
Tim S.
Tim S. 15 dager siden
World needs more Jeffs.
Ja Si
Ja Si 15 dager siden
watch this guy work. guy just holding snatchthing
rc life 972
rc life 972 15 dager siden
The lil girl pick it up way easier then boy 🤣
devil rider
devil rider 15 dager siden
devil rider
devil rider 15 dager siden
Tony C
Tony C 15 dager siden
Okay, okay, snatch block cool, this is a win. But.... turbulent flow!
Francis 15 dager siden
Mikhail Vizcarra
Mikhail Vizcarra 15 dager siden
If this guy was my teacher in high school I probably would’ve payed attention in class
ThankYouESM 15 dager siden
Caulk Block and Snatch Block
ThankYouESM 15 dager siden
Why can't we use this to create gravity batteries that the weight spins a motor... then a small percentage of that power it produces will near effortlessly lift that lead weight quickly back to the top?
noor 15 dager siden
This guy looks like J-Roc finally grew up and had a family 😀
Generlc Human
Generlc Human 16 dager siden
*S N A T C H B L O C K*
06racecar60 16 dager siden
Soooo I could move the world if I have a big enough snatch block?
Ragil Fransyoki
Ragil Fransyoki 16 dager siden
that was a man with experience, dustin.
Pablo Deluxe
Pablo Deluxe 16 dager siden
sounds like i need a snatch block.
maddoxXL101 16 dager siden
because of this video alone im adding snatch blocks to my roadside emrgency kit in my car lol
Gaetano 16 dager siden
Chris Hadfield is such an amazing Canadian. He's from Sarnia Ontario, always wanted to find him when I lived there
Anatomy Of The Mix
Anatomy Of The Mix 16 dager siden
That's a nice Great Books of the Western World cameo.
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 16 dager siden
The ceaseless increase systematically grin because neon extraorally invite plus a shrill stamp. astonishing, lively german
LighdarTheThird 16 dager siden
Steve Mould, anyone?
Steven Ryan
Steven Ryan 16 dager siden
Did anyone else notice mark rober
KoviRobi 16 dager siden
Brilliant, I love pulleys too! Also how about some love for differential pulleys? I 3D printed a coat rack with hoist between my stairs, I was hoping I could just use it to lift my coats into the unused space between the staircase but alas I misjudged my ratios/how heavy coats are, so it's just static now.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 16 dager siden
Why havent you explained why you put the blanket over the cable?! THATS what everyone needs to know.
Homemade Sauce
Homemade Sauce 16 dager siden
Cz that what happens when you use pulleys..you impress people.. day made.😂
oversimplified cookie monster
now im smarter
Jorge Melgar
Jorge Melgar 16 dager siden
Thanks for the video :)
William Mememan
William Mememan 16 dager siden
It's just like gear ratios
Tarasus's Humvids
Tarasus's Humvids 17 dager siden
12:00 totally looks like a scene from Hot Fuzz
Tanmay Bhansali
Tanmay Bhansali 17 dager siden
0:53 free Labour
Dj pittster
Dj pittster 17 dager siden
7th grade science class all over again
Kitsune Chan
Kitsune Chan 17 dager siden
*Destin* : Who are You? *Jeff* : I'm You but smarter.
Aftab Chowdhury
Aftab Chowdhury 17 dager siden
The like is for Kiwico concept, not for the video!! :D:D
Ageious 17 dager siden
8:47 that part really made it click for me
D.J. Stewart
D.J. Stewart 17 dager siden
I HAVE ZIPPED THOSE EXACT LINES! it's a beautiful and awesome experience!
Gamerator Tyler Stein
Gamerator Tyler Stein 17 dager siden
I didn't know he has an Alabama accent and a "default" american accent
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