The Mystery of Magnetic Worms - Smarter Every Day 253 

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31. mars. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay 2 måneder siden
I have started an email to remove the algorithm from between us: www.smartereveryday.com/email-list (Be sure to verify your email if you are awesome and choose to sign up!)
elvincao9 7 dager siden
倪嘉言 Måned siden
Great decision!
eshwar chandra
eshwar chandra Måned siden
Pls make a video on glowing plants
Kiri Tuhi
Kiri Tuhi Måned siden
Done ✅
Ace Ggkspade
Ace Ggkspade Måned siden
28 seconds in... and my guess is earth worms and rolly pollies job is to eat out the metals in the soil that could be harmful to humans. Naturally they are now ionized from it
dana jones
dana jones Dag siden
i love your delight!
kee ian fazil kee
I like your tube... make us discover our surroundings like a 5 year old child... the joy... thanks
Christina Magee
Christina Magee 2 dager siden
I love how excited Destin gets when he’s found a new problem and he wants so badly to find the solution lol! So cute and wholesome, this was exactly what my day needed! Thanks y’all!!
Natasha Turner
Natasha Turner 2 dager siden
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this video!!! I would fit in so well with your crew. :-D Wonder is everywhere!
Gustav Derkits
Gustav Derkits 5 dager siden
Continue investigating. Worms eat plant debris and microbes. Some microbes have magnetic sense, e.g. Google “magnetotactic bacteria”. Further, if the iron is in the form of rust, it won’t be magnetic, but if metallic Fe is ingested or bacteria transform the rust to magnetite, it will work. What form is the iron inside the worms? Do they retain magnetism after remaining for a few days in an area you haven’t contaminated?
Camila Isabel Quispe Vera
andd so Who discovered the magnetic worm who put a magnet on ittt
Camila Isabel Quispe Vera
yep its the soil
Danen Schlauderaff
Danen Schlauderaff 7 dager siden
At my last job, we cleaned dirt out of edible beans with a magnetic roller. Somehow, the plain black dirt from the fields had enough magnetism that the magnetic roller would change the angle the dirt fell off the belt. As the beans and dirt fell into a chute, we were able to collect the dirt into a different channel and separate it from the now-clean product. We all called it the magic dirst machine, because it sure seemed like magic in action. We went from having to shake the beans 3, 4, even 5 times, to only having to shake them once, just to get the finer dirt and dust out of them.
Yudha Recha
Yudha Recha 7 dager siden
I think worm eat soil, or material that has grainsize of clay. When soil have perfectly become humus because of water and organic material, soil lose its magneticity, Fe Mg and other become soil. In that case worms has no choice to survive he/she has to eat FerroSand that has grainsize of clay or even silt
Andyc3 8 dager siden
Step 1: feed worms iron Step 2: pick them up with magnets Step 3: ?
Jeremy Storm
Jeremy Storm 8 dager siden
Soil can be slightly ferrous. Drag the magnet in soil, it will stick to the magnet.
Lucas Robert
Lucas Robert 8 dager siden
the start of 1998 Godzilla be like
Jesse Sands
Jesse Sands 9 dager siden
lol took me a little bit to realize this is not bright insight.
KingCosworth 10 dager siden
But Iron oxide is essentially non magnetic.
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 10 dager siden
I love your videos!
Carolina Angling. Co
Carolina Angling. Co 10 dager siden
I'm over here loosing my mind right now 🤣 a non ferrous worm 🐛
Nc313 ,
Nc313 , 10 dager siden
I wonder if making the worms magnetic it would make them more attractive to fish who sense magnetic fields?
Jackson Hightower
Jackson Hightower 10 dager siden
Before I watch the video I just want to take a guess on my they would be. My guess is that there’s iron in dirt and worms eat dirt
Makenzie Stieber
Makenzie Stieber 10 dager siden
The scientific method in one video: Observation: earthworm sticks to magnet. Hypothesis: worms are magnetic. Experiment: picks up worms with magnets Analysis: not all worms are ferrous Conclusion: worms that ingest iron dust/rust will stick to magnets
Jacob Youngblood
Jacob Youngblood 10 dager siden
If you watch godzilla from the early 2000s the main actor is using electricity to bring them to the surface could that be related?
Dipanshu Verma
Dipanshu Verma 11 dager siden
Might be it happened due to earth's magnetic field , because Earth worms lives deep inside in soil so they acquire some charge of due to earth's magnetic field and shows some magnetic Nature .
Marc Archer
Marc Archer 11 dager siden
OMG! Dude's like a super combination of Mr. Wizard & Mr. Rogers. LOVE THIS!
Carson Paul Lee
Carson Paul Lee 12 dager siden
Magnetite crystals are typically in most animals neurons. Birds even have so many that they can see magnetic fields for their migration paths. It makes sense for some animals to seek out ferrous food/nutrients
niq872 12 dager siden
now i know how to keep my worms from escaping while fishing
plp·GTR 12 dager siden
What algorithms is he talking about? If I go to my subscriptions, am I not seeing all the videos of the channels I'm subscribed to?
Elias Reyes Jr
Elias Reyes Jr 12 dager siden
THE WROM: "I was abducted by Aliens!!"
781 NoMeNaP
781 NoMeNaP 13 dager siden
Looks like you got a lot of soil nearby that is rich with ferrous materials such as Iron or nickel. Worms pretty much eat dirt, so I would imagine some of the stuff theyre eating has a lot of iron in it.
Jack Mohrhardt
Jack Mohrhardt 13 dager siden
Simon Pruszynski
Simon Pruszynski 13 dager siden
Sience is just grown men playng with stuff and acsidently wining nobels with oops moments.
Simon Pruszynski
Simon Pruszynski 13 dager siden
The worm eat dirt, dirt have metals in it
Kathy Candelaria
Kathy Candelaria 13 dager siden
I’d say that it’s in the soil 🪱 that’s wilded
Skeome 13 dager siden
I don't know if you made a video about it, but if you electrify the earth, worms will come writhing to the surface. If you do it again while they're surfaced, they'll jump around. I was thinking this was related until you found the "non-ferrous worms" in the grass
Cleric2g 13 dager siden
Well... everything is magnetic eventually
MrVipitis 14 dager siden
This is 2 months old and in my watch later. Took me a while to get April 1st
Mike Watn
Mike Watn 14 dager siden
Non ferris work. Died laughing daughter didn't laugh, teaching time
Mike Watn
Mike Watn 14 dager siden
What was this guy doing to find that out was he on the clock. Lol need to pay that man 24/7. And just leave him with a magnet in his hand
David Bigar
David Bigar 14 dager siden
I didn’t see that one coming anytime during my life. How cool was that!
taylor dziczek
taylor dziczek 15 dager siden
It’s the iron in the dirt that they eat
Think 15 dager siden
This is super useful for starting worm bins.
Zack Pie
Zack Pie 15 dager siden
Skaffah 15 dager siden
Thats their bazooka and holy handgrenade
yss dheeraj
yss dheeraj 15 dager siden
Hello sir , we are from worm 🪱 rights association. We need to talk about the abuse u did to our wormsnity (Yk like humanity).
Elizabeth Del castillo
Elizabeth Del castillo 16 dager siden
The Ferro... worm
Arhaan Shaikh
Arhaan Shaikh 16 dager siden
They found that starved worms exposed to a magnetic field that was oriented opposite to the local Earth's magnetic field reversed their burrowing behavior; they migrated up, suggesting they sensed magnetic fields. A TV antenna-like structure at the tip of a neuron (green) in a tiny worm senses Earth's magnetic field
WheatThinPretzel 17 dager siden
I can’t get over how cool this is
Bill Boyd
Bill Boyd 17 dager siden
We need a test to see which catches more fish
Levi Pitman
Levi Pitman 18 dager siden
These are the ferrous worms! lol, I'm dying!
Landon Kauffman
Landon Kauffman 19 dager siden
I think it might be that the worms use the earth magnetic fields/core to move kinda like how a compass works
Joseph Salazar
Joseph Salazar 21 dag siden
Love your channels. Subscribed to your email list
Fur Trapping
Fur Trapping 21 dag siden
More likely they just crawled through the iron dust rather than digested it no? So the iron is on their skin because they are sitting right in it.
Troy Lebouf
Troy Lebouf 21 dag siden
Is the dirt inside of them laced with metal minera. ???
xXBlueDude389Xx 21 dag siden
0:53 worms are genderfluid.
GlennSteffy 21 dag siden
.....and all this time, i thot i had to dig 'em.....🤪
Tsukasa 21 dag siden
Girls: He's probably hanging out with other girls. Boys: WE MUST SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF THE FERRIS WORM
David Hoff
David Hoff 22 dager siden
For people who don't want to deal with email, I have a strategy that removes the algorithm too. I just have my shortcut to youtube take me directly to the subscriptions page. That way I see all the videos by people I'm subscribed too first.
We will go joy
We will go joy 23 dager siden
Gabriel 23 dager siden
"Is it just one part of his body ... or her body?" Yes, they're hermaphrodites.
Kevin Radtke
Kevin Radtke 23 dager siden
Now I want to see you purify the worms down into metal, and make something from it
Andrew Xiao
Andrew Xiao 23 dager siden
How much iron do you put in a worm before people start to notice?
PicuPiee1 23 dager siden
A worm can shock you ? how ?
Rusty Murray
Rusty Murray 24 dager siden
Forget a work shocker a worm magnet 🧲 will work better without hurting them lol
Rusty Murray
Rusty Murray 24 dager siden
See this is how alien take us up to thier ufos
Reddog 24 dager siden
They are full of iron obviously.
RS H 24 dager siden
Iron in the soil?
dideng montero
dideng montero 25 dager siden
That worm ate some magnets
Hector Santos
Hector Santos 25 dager siden
Do an episode on worm grunting! I believe there is a handful of interesting phenomena happening there and you would be the perfect guy to science the heck out of it.
Cammron Evans
Cammron Evans 25 dager siden
The worms most likely want to eat the metal its not your fault if it harms them
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams 25 dager siden
Haven’t finished the video, but my theory is that the worm is magnetic because of micro ferromagnetic minerals in the dirt that accumulate within the worm
Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews 26 dager siden
Nano infected worms?!?!
Peter Tropoli
Peter Tropoli 26 dager siden
i beleve the worm ate some iron and is magnetic
Harshan Singh
Harshan Singh 27 dager siden
the more science I learn the more I think that this guy is a fool.
Christopher Eaves
Christopher Eaves 28 dager siden
Put a bright light behind the worm 🐛
diversemurse 28 dager siden
Awesome band name: The Ferrous Worms
C S5
C S5 18 dager siden
good name for a metal band... geddit.
butt 28 dager siden
Is worm movement during storms enough to affect compass readings?
Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein 28 dager siden
Is the iron dust on the worms instead if in them? They are slimy after all.
Hongki Lee
Hongki Lee 28 dager siden
Thos worms do not like MRI
UptempoIsTheTempo 29 dager siden
imagine curling around all day and suddenly some huge monsters play with you and let your butt stick to a metal piece
Professor Dingcheek
Professor Dingcheek 25 dager siden
Nah they don’t comprehend stuff like that
Dragoș Dodiță
Dragoș Dodiță Måned siden
Worms are magnetic because they eat dirt and there is metal in the dirt
combatjj forlife
combatjj forlife Måned siden
This is awesome
Vickie Fellegy
Vickie Fellegy Måned siden
Recent soil tests over the past 5 years are showing Barium, Strauntim and Aluminum been falling from the sky...? Magnetic reversal? Also saw videos of recent jab sites on the arm holding magnet to the skin?
Vickie Fellegy
Vickie Fellegy Måned siden
This makes sense because a few weeks back the news was reporting tornado worms coming out of the ground. Pastor Paul Bagley channel covered it too. WOW!
Elite Måned siden
What were you doing in order to discover that 💀
jay Benjamin
jay Benjamin Måned siden
I would say that maybe there iron content in there bodies is so much that it’s brought to cause magnetic attraction
jay Benjamin
jay Benjamin Måned siden
Does that mean all worms are magnetic 🧲
Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey Måned siden
I'm wondering how many people would sit around and laugh hysterically because they understand a joke about a non-ferrous worm. That is hilarious. Maybe they crave iron?
Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey Måned siden
Eating iron-rich soil obviously. Now Ill watch the rest of it lol.
Robyn Hovey
Robyn Hovey Måned siden
I want one of the magnetic worms to be named "Bueller"... you know, so I can watch a Ferrous Bueller on my day off.
C S5
C S5 18 dager siden
awful :)
Grady Harper
Grady Harper Måned siden
I wanna see more Baseball rifle videos or did y'all tear that thing apart? For repurposing
Grady Harper
Grady Harper Måned siden
Now I see where you might need do an experiment as to which worm catches more fish the magnetic worms or the non-ferrous metal worms
Grady Harper
Grady Harper Måned siden
What's the mystery their red Blooded meaning theirs iron in them there 🐛 Worm's Heavy Metal Worm's LoL maybe their should be an Icelandic death metal song written about Worm's LoL 😂
Billy Jones
Billy Jones Måned siden
everything is magnetic if you have a strong enough magnet
Camden Elder
Camden Elder Måned siden
Because they are high In iron
Stijn V.P.
Stijn V.P. Måned siden
the moment you discovered your inner child again.
NolieRavioli Måned siden
listen bro i think you have one of those channels tho... im never gonna sign up for any email list but im pretty sure you'll never put out a video i wont see
Silhuette 222
Silhuette 222 Måned siden
when Magneto uses his powers.... the worms feel it.
sharkbait 69
sharkbait 69 Måned siden
I think i know why there magnetic me and my freinds one time were messing with mannits in the dirt and bits of iron frome the dirt they are eating the dirt which has iron in it
Lank The Verminator
Lank The Verminator Måned siden
How did they discover this lol
jamie harland
jamie harland Måned siden
Vietnam war worm !!
MsHayleyWilliams Måned siden
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the ferrous of them all
Flywheel Bike KERS
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