How to Poop on a US Navy NUCLEAR SUBMARINE - Smarter Every Day 256 

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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery

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9. mai. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay Måned siden
Stay classy Internet
John Smith
John Smith 13 dager siden
Good job respecting the privacy of that submariner. 👏 Stay awesome!
Nanda Rafi
Nanda Rafi 18 dager siden
Can't wait for you to get that 10 million subscriber!
Dalton c
Dalton c 22 dager siden
Can you do slow motion of shooting wood? I think its cool how the hole seals itself up and wounder what all goes on. Thanks!!!
Ning3n 22 dager siden
XO looks like a Mini Me version of Vin Diesel.
Mickey Minaj
Mickey Minaj 22 dager siden
No man...it called being crazy, if I'm talking to someone, I'm from Minnesota, yaahhh, and someone start talking similarly to myself, I'm 1. Thing is he fkn with me, 2. Getting mad,3. Then I'm getting curious, 4. Asking about their TBI
Sxeirthanu 5 timer siden
You can see how proud the xo is to be so close to the co
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 6 timer siden
So many unplanned bucket list items accomplished in this series.
Khalob Christenson
Khalob Christenson 10 timer siden
Can't believe more people haven't heard of cribbage. Been playing since I was a kid
Randy Allen
Randy Allen 11 timer siden
Destin - I love your fascination with just about everything. Every time I visit your channel there is something new. My Dad was a submariner. I am a submariner. My youngest brother was a submariner and his son is an active duty submariner. I retired in 1995 as the Chief of the Boat on USS Phoenix SSN 702. Thanks so much for this series. Not many civilians get to do what you did and I am happy you are sharing your experience. Great Job! Love the series!
finnishgamer92 Dag siden
When is the final episode going to be released?
Oliver Metzger
Oliver Metzger Dag siden
wut if the Russians figured out how to use this
Oliver Metzger
Oliver Metzger Dag siden
then y isn't Donut Operator on a sub🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌
fhl1996 Dag siden
Thank you for the information.
Keys Dag siden
Hey Destin, If you can ask the U.S. Navy if you can go on an Ohio Class Submarine and see how it works like with the D-5 Trident II Missile's. Thank you for all that you do Destin and have a good one.
Richard Ellis
Richard Ellis Dag siden
very cool .. smarter now ..
donners304 Dag siden
Was it a bit smelly onboard? They say the ISS is a bit and seems a little similar although showers are better
Scott Skinner
Scott Skinner Dag siden
That would have been the ultimate troll job if in the CO/XO head, there was just 3 Seashells on the wall and no instructions.
Mitchell Jack
Mitchell Jack 2 dager siden
I would like to see how they do laundry on a Sub
Kyle Mardell
Kyle Mardell 2 dager siden
The unwieldy veil noteworthily chase because run hisologically kill barring a boiling sleet. deep, chubby stocking
Matt Haduis
Matt Haduis 2 dager siden
Thanks for the series Destin, genuinely loved it.
CalW20 2 dager siden
No way I was just thinking about if someone had appendicitis and he asked about it.
Starbase - SFS
Starbase - SFS 3 dager siden
I request spacex starship
"I'm going to try and use these facilities now" Politest way of saying you're about to drop a load.
OhHhKiE 3 dager siden
That Yeoman was so polite.
Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez 4 dager siden
Neat video
Feezerr Adizaputra
Feezerr Adizaputra 5 dager siden
I love how his video quality unchanged from 6 years ago. I mean in a good way
Petko 5 dager siden
16 minutes until you get to what the title says... Don't get me wrong, there were interesting things said in those 16 minutes, but when I clicked on the video I wanted to hear about what's said in the title, not what games they play or where is the aspirin
Chris Michels
Chris Michels 5 dager siden
The real question is: is it ok to pee in the shower or not?
kasper bennetsen
kasper bennetsen 5 dager siden
19:00 "Am I allowed to look at this?" "yes" *everything is blurred out* me: "someone forgot"
N R 5 dager siden
I think all those detailed books about the inner working of a nuclear sub in the toilet was not a good idea. They should not be in a place where somebody could have some uninterrupted personal time with them. Im just saying, a lot of agencies around the world would pay millions for whats in those books.
Hannahbanana 5 dager siden
i have to be honest, only about 1% of that was about pooping on a sub. :/
Michael Warner
Michael Warner 5 dager siden
Brings back memories. MMCS(SS) USN ret.
Zach 6 dager siden
I hate doing maintenance on them.
billism wash
billism wash 6 dager siden
did you pee in the shower?
Chase Wright
Chase Wright 6 dager siden
Films himself takin a fatty “There ye go!”
Kenneth Longcrier
Kenneth Longcrier 7 dager siden
They never learn! The CO/XO head is in a "Rig for red" zone. We had an incident on our submarine where the head was rigged for red and it was impossible to read that white-on-red writing, so the XO ended up with a flapper (Opening that ball value while they were blowing sanitaries.)
kebman 7 dager siden
kebman 7 dager siden
Two questions: Wellies? And umbrellas? AND ELEPHANTS???
Roger Johnson
Roger Johnson 7 dager siden
I do the sub showers in my travel trailer the same way wet down soap up then rinse
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst 7 dager siden
Me: eye sx?!
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst 7 dager siden
That was so cool!
vondahe 7 dager siden
How to poo on a sub: Go to the toilet, do your business, wipe, flush and wash your hands.
ChemicalU235 8 dager siden
I would have grabbed a binder and sat on the pot until my legs fell asleep not gona lie.
David Ronson
David Ronson 8 dager siden
I was under the impression that the toilet flush out like a torpedo in the deep in peace time and only during war they use fancy stuff to avoid giving their position, but what is laughable, the Russian satellites know where all submarines are lurking anywhere is the oceans.
The Galactic Time Traveler
8:05 such a dad
The Galactic Time Traveler
8:05 such a dad
Klaah Klee
Klaah Klee 8 dager siden
there are 3 kinds of people.... those that knows how to count... and those that don't know how to count!!!
fachon tu regalon
fachon tu regalon 8 dager siden
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myhondatoday 8 dager siden
4:27 that hoodie is awesome where do i get one
Lenni Irawan
Lenni Irawan 8 dager siden
This video is really fantastic. It will be useful for anybody who wants to work with NAVY - submarine.
Jeyson Rueda
Jeyson Rueda 9 dager siden
Hey dude, thank you for your videos
준규 서
준규 서 9 dager siden
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matthew richman
matthew richman 9 dager siden
POV: your Dustin wondering how much the camera he setup can see while he showers
Stephen Dodge
Stephen Dodge 9 dager siden
Such an earnest: "oh, neat!" when he finds the light in the bed
Dan M
Dan M 9 dager siden
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howtofixbrand 9 dager siden
Were is the next episode
Darci Schmid
Darci Schmid 9 dager siden
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James A. Psemmas
James A. Psemmas 9 dager siden
Destin: I've never considered ice cream on waffles. us europeans that are used to eat waffles with toppings like Nutella and ice cream when we see the next plate with eggs and bacon: wtf, you were gonna put these on top of a waffle?
Thomas 10 dager siden
Why are there two locks on the shower... presumably the shower is small enough that you'd know someone is in there.
Will Wall
Will Wall 10 dager siden
Gotta say not many middle-aged men uploading themselves taking a shower and a dump can get as many likes as this one.
Ja2808 10 dager siden
20:51 the moment you remember the amazing street corn from last week.
GAGA 10 dager siden
You’re annoying
BruhMan69 10 dager siden
Did you find pavel?
Carolina Angling. Co
Carolina Angling. Co 10 dager siden
Holy Toledo! That's a fancy pooper
domenic b
domenic b 10 dager siden
When flushing a toilet is like driving a manual car
Tumpa Talapatra
Tumpa Talapatra 10 dager siden
Yeoman ! , i seriously thought it like "yo man" how are you.
t0nito 10 dager siden
Not the best place to keep those books though, especially if you run out of toilet paper.
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD 10 dager siden
How much does it cost to dive and surface a Submarine?
E 10 dager siden
"Worlds worse bidet" LMAO
US MILITARY PATRIOT 10 dager siden
SmarterEveryDay: "this mission is highly classified"
KosViik 11 dager siden
Honestly at this point we have to get Destin out to the ISS. This amazing interesting he provides no matter where he goes is just incredible.
Sweeping Time
Sweeping Time 11 dager siden
Here it is, the topic about subs that I really didn't want to know about but had to.
Outdoorsman Ousa
Outdoorsman Ousa 11 dager siden
I have a lot of respect for these men!
Simon Y
Simon Y 11 dager siden
Surprised by how much wood on display, was expecting more high tech materials.
NightKnight347 3 dager siden
I imagine just veneers on everything, but that is going to make it substantially more livable than constant aluminum.
Stephen Adamson
Stephen Adamson 11 dager siden
The tidy pin contextually hook because pastry observationally tap than a jobless receipt. oafish, strong meteorology
Jacky Mai
Jacky Mai 11 dager siden
The scrawny algeria dentsply sip because pepper synthetically question around a brown growth. joyous, troubled brochure
ega0117 11 dager siden
How can you stay in a submarine for days 🙁
Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby 11 dager siden
What the heck!? I assumed that everyone knew about cribbage...
Lonnie Stevens
Lonnie Stevens 12 dager siden
That was one of the best videos on NOsections i have ever watched.
Not Always P C
Not Always P C 12 dager siden
That. Was. Awesome.
Aaron Kabay
Aaron Kabay 12 dager siden
That’s wild you’ve never had ice cream on waffles! In Australia waffles are pretty much exclusively served with ice cream, whipped cream, and maple syrup as a dessert. Only some places (I can personally only think of one) serve them any differently (ie with fried chicken etc)
Poodle Pants
Poodle Pants 12 dager siden
Melted ice cream makes a great creamer in a pinch.
Cortex Marketing
Cortex Marketing 12 dager siden
"Oh, look at that...there is a light right there... NEAT!" You're fun, Destin - good stuff!!
Abihef 12 dager siden
This was such a weird title to read after just watching videos about speakers
Dixie Instrumental
Dixie Instrumental 12 dager siden
I got to sleep on the battleship in peral harbor. If you want to know the definition of sardine can sleeping that was it. You had to remember only sleep up as high as you want to fall.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling 12 dager siden
Seriously,how can they make this work on a submarine but not a tourbus
Erik Roark
Erik Roark 13 dager siden
Thanks for taking us with you to take your dump! 😂
Mel Gillham
Mel Gillham 13 dager siden
Thank you to all silent warriors. Past, present, and future. 🤝🇺🇸🍻
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy 13 dager siden
Step 1. Find the submarine. Step 2. Hover above the submarine. Step 3. Drop anchor.
Dr. Loophole
Dr. Loophole 13 dager siden
Your camera quality is amazing
Luca Pouliot
Luca Pouliot 13 dager siden
In the showers is it sea water ?
4LowRocks 13 dager siden
Pooping on a sub is very similar to most RVs.
matthew spence
matthew spence 13 dager siden
What if you aren't on a sub?
Michael Hart
Michael Hart 13 dager siden
Someone had appendicitis on my dad's. It was a big deal.
Dre N2JDH 13 dager siden
You never hot racked? I heard about hot racking. Much respect to submariners!
David Do
David Do 13 dager siden
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Nootpocket 13 dager siden
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Zulu Doctor
Zulu Doctor 13 dager siden
If you're claustrophobic do not watch this.
Colin Laffey
Colin Laffey 14 dager siden
Yay, now I know how to 💩 on my sub teacher
mskiUSMC 14 dager siden
I like to joke about the navy being 'squid', "Hey Squid!" But these are the REAL squid.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 14 dager siden
Ask a seagull.
sybergoosejr 14 dager siden
you can kind of tell the xo did not want to give shower instructions.
Aech Dee
Aech Dee 14 dager siden
'am I allowed to look at this?' 'yeah' *blur*
Bill F
Bill F 14 dager siden
I'm guessing time zones are kinda meaningless when you are underwater in the arctic. Especially when there is no sun. Do they just pick EST or whatever and go with it?
M. Oliver
M. Oliver 14 dager siden
That shower stall looked like it might serve as a decent air pocket if necessary.