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History of Pecans
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SmarterEveryDay 6 måneder siden
I've decided to not try to "win the algorithm", and only make videos about what I'm genuinely interested in. Thank you very much for watching this video about Pecans. If you'd like to support a guy in Alabama making videos about (among other things) Pecans, please consider supporting here: www.patreon.com/smartereveryday. I send literally every Patreon supporter a really cool baseball with a Smarter Every Day logo on it.
Spifdoodle 5 dager siden
BURN-E 6 dager siden
My man, im interested by how interested you are in things.
Seth McWilliams
Seth McWilliams 9 dager siden
what pecan farm is that? i’m from alabama as well and i’d love to support a local business
TheMightyFozz 10 dager siden
Dig a hole and plant a pecan tree, like your dad did. THATS a video your kids will want to watch.
DA PHENOMENALZ 11 dager siden
pyrobryan 7 timer siden
My grandfather had several pecan trees. We would go out with a big long pole with a hook on the end and shake each limb separately. Nothing as fancy as a tree shaking tractor.
Auburn Elvis
Auburn Elvis 19 timer siden
War Eagle
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 23 timer siden
Frank was so happy took talk about his passion. Lol 😂
James Mariotti
James Mariotti Dag siden
Great video, loved both the shots and the content. At the risk of my "Canadian sensitivities" showing... was anyone else made uneasy by how the farmer addressed his staff? @14:56 "...and *this person* sorts..." Wouldn't staff on a small farm be on a first-name basis?
Sticky Pickle
Sticky Pickle 2 dager siden
I gotta get me one of those to get my cat outta the tree
Obi-Wan Can Blow Me
Obi-Wan Can Blow Me 3 dager siden
I saw something about a giant vibrator and here I am.
Leon-Josip Dzojic
Leon-Josip Dzojic 3 dager siden
"Yes and it worked"
Cumunist 4 dager siden
Naughty trees get put in the tree wiggler
JAVA The Protogen
JAVA The Protogen 4 dager siden
haha tree go brrrr Literally
fergee01 gaming
fergee01 gaming 5 dager siden
I love this video but I love Frank even more
Tyler Levy
Tyler Levy 5 dager siden
The marked battle consquentially yell because robert prenatally lick of a paltry plastic. lively, inquisitive receipt
kVirulent 5 dager siden
When you're allergic to nuts: whyyy *cries*
Muhammad Haris
Muhammad Haris 5 dager siden
I am absolutely in love with that old yet passionate man.
The Bottom Of The Internet
what a simple life imagine only being worried about how people react to your pecans. lowkey want that life.
znoring znoring
znoring znoring 6 dager siden
What if the trees are female 0_0 (tree vibrators)
Jim Adler The Texas Hammer
WHITE COUPE 2:07 iykyk
gibtradwife 6 dager siden
OSHA sweating hard watching him ride that tractor bucket.
WelcomeToMayhem 8 dager siden
i hate youtube compression
Charles Henry
Charles Henry 8 dager siden
Butter Pecan actually is my favorite ice cream. Plus since I first had Pecan pie in basic training it has been my favorite pie. Lol
Kingsly Roche
Kingsly Roche 8 dager siden
Thats Tim Apple.
Lucas Krasuski
Lucas Krasuski 8 dager siden
i like the words on the thumbnail
ReverendTed 8 dager siden
Holy mackerel did I want to see that pecan cracker in slow-mo. I'm sure there was a logistical reason why not, but wow.
Deathbreach 9 dager siden
(Pee-Can) Wtf is a Puh-Con? Worst Floridian debate
beck hruby
beck hruby 9 dager siden
I love pecans. I also love when people pronounce it right and not pee-cans.
Nev Rami
Nev Rami 9 dager siden
It is bc I grew up with them too.
Erik Roark
Erik Roark 9 dager siden
I knew I liked you but I think I like even more now that I found out that you’re a Georgia boy. I do however wish that you guys would fix the voting situation in your state.
Sweeping Time
Sweeping Time 9 dager siden
"This is mom and pop." -after impressing everyone with array of machines
hypertele Xii
hypertele Xii 8 dager siden
Well it's mechanized agriculture, but one farm, one family.
taehoon oh
taehoon oh 10 dager siden
The open japanese empirically bleach because hawk observationally wipe atop a absurd spark. nimble, useless digital
themeez1000 10 dager siden
Bluebell the best ice cream in the country.
Curious Absolution
Curious Absolution 10 dager siden
That was great, I love pecans
Nick Basyuk
Nick Basyuk 10 dager siden
i was waiting for the slow motion shot of the crack machine
Ricky Got
Ricky Got 10 dager siden
Missed opportunity to say, What's shaking when he met the guy.
Aredeakay 10 dager siden
Alternate title suggestion “Giant vibrator makes tree nut”
Ozone 7 dager siden
underrated comment
TheMightyFozz 10 dager siden
wow, who invented that shaker and where are they made.
Jellyman2k21 10 dager siden
This guy was so wholesome and nice, praise this man
CinderTheFox 10 dager siden
Destin I’m sorry but I’m allergic to pecans. Please forgive me.
Mike McNally
Mike McNally 11 dager siden
He sounds like forest gump lol
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 11 dager siden
I have been waiting to see the farmer and his dad talk
Carson Paul Lee
Carson Paul Lee 11 dager siden
Man texas is so cool, being right next to NASA is weird. I always have wanted to do science and right now I’m highly interested in quantum gravity research.
Morgan 11 dager siden
Your dad seems cool
NOMASAN 11 dager siden
Aw just people trying to make other people happy... maybe humanity deserves a bit more of a chance
Isaac Wendt
Isaac Wendt 11 dager siden
I love that. What do you want. A grounding or a wiping haha.
Jack McAvaney
Jack McAvaney 11 dager siden
This fella was so keen to show us all his cool machines and it made for an amazing video
Hsar Hsaw
Hsar Hsaw 11 dager siden
Ok where is the music from is so relaxing.
ega0117 11 dager siden
The background music made me fall asleep 😴
Rafaël 12 dager siden
Didn't know Bill Gates shakes pecans
Aguilar 2021
Aguilar 2021 12 dager siden
Amazing 🤩
6:28 What a fitting shape for the tree to have considering the context of this video
Luckily i didn't watch this in November
Daniel Mims
Daniel Mims 12 dager siden
Blue bell ice cream buttered pecan is awesome
Ethan Dean
Ethan Dean 12 dager siden
It's crazy that Destin could make a video about anything and it's still interesting
Cat Boy04
Cat Boy04 12 dager siden
bad trees go in the tree shaker
Gold Lock Fish
Gold Lock Fish 13 dager siden
Yeet Pecans
ExistentialBread 13 dager siden
That’s a lot of pecan pie potential.
Aviko 13 dager siden
I need a 10 hour version of that cracking machine running.
2-One 14 dager siden
I love your videos, you make my understanding of how God is toward ppl more insightful. Specially when the you ask Frank why you do what you do. His response was genuine and pure. For Satisfaction sake. Amazing!
Aadi Pattathil
Aadi Pattathil 14 dager siden
Anyone see the joy in Frank's eyes when he's explaining and he adds on and bounces ideas and explains to the camera? He really is just doing this out of love
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 14 dager siden
Where do nuts go to the bathroom?
Milo T.
Milo T. 16 dager siden
"stop that step treeeeee"
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright 16 dager siden
I love this pecan farmer. He truely loves what hes doing
Aundra Palmer
Aundra Palmer 17 dager siden
We say pee cans!!😂😂😊😊in North Carolina.
SteLLarΨ 18 dager siden
the tree: stop daddy
Duner250R 19 dager siden
It reminds of those 1950s machines wear you wrap a belt around your back and the machines jiggles you supposedly causing you to lose weight 😂
Duner250R 19 dager siden
Nothing bugs me more than someone eating something noisy with their mouth open, especially on camera. 😤
Duner250R 19 dager siden
Man that tree shaker sure is a SAVAGE! 😁
Joe Kutschera
Joe Kutschera 20 dager siden
All I could think about was "Do you ever just take a close look at nuts?" *_looks down at crotch_*
Satyam Kumar
Satyam Kumar 20 dager siden
The farmer looks like Bill Gates 🙄
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor 21 dag siden
I know it would've been very difficult to set up, but I think it would have looked really cool to see the pecan cracking machine working in slow motion. Amazing video, as always though!
bread skateboard
bread skateboard 21 dag siden
"tree vibrator"
Dustin Love
Dustin Love 22 dager siden
“Yes, and it worked.” 🤣🤣🤣
Fryed Cheese
Fryed Cheese 22 dager siden
me whos allergic to pecans: *hmmm interesting*
William Abt
William Abt 22 dager siden
I watch SmarterEveryDay for my Space and Navy/military technology interests...but I think this one is his best...imho...Well done!👍🏼
Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion 22 dager siden
"Butter pecan, you favorite ice cream even if you haven't tried it yet" TRUTH!
Vijay Kumar Barige
Vijay Kumar Barige 22 dager siden
I would definitely like to see the slow motion clip of inside the nut cracker.
Brittany Wright
Brittany Wright 22 dager siden
We loved this video!! But, how can we support Frank? Can we buy his pecans??
Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke 23 dager siden
Hey destin! We grow pickles (cucumbers for pickles) in mid Michigan, and the process is pretty interesting. It would be really cool to see you come out to watch!
MattShnoop 23 dager siden
I'm a pee-can man myself :)
ACrazed Tanker
ACrazed Tanker 23 dager siden
I pecant believe it's a tree nut.
VolatileTemper93 24 dager siden
I love back roading through southern georgia and looking at pecan groves . I don't need an excuse to avoid Atlanta, but the sights of rural georgia help .
Nico Cua
Nico Cua 24 dager siden
Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!
Nico Cua
Nico Cua 24 dager siden
Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life!!!!
Nico Cua
Nico Cua 24 dager siden
Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!
the floofster
the floofster 25 dager siden
The comments are golden
Coyote girl
Coyote girl 26 dager siden
It sucks that I’m allergic to them although I do go and collect them every so often for my family I wish I can eat them every time I see a person eat them if feels like I’m going to have my throat get all itchy and real bad if I look at a person even putting it in the other mouth
Nuno Ribeiro
Nuno Ribeiro 26 dager siden
6:35 Destin: *films cool scene of pecan shaking* NOsections video compression: "I'm about to end this man's whole carrer!"
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson 26 dager siden
I don't know why, but this is my favorite! This is probably the least scientific episode/video, but it does something for me. Prolly PTO and Pecans.
J3MU31 _
J3MU31 _ 28 dager siden
[Insert ur mom joke here]
Máté Ócsai
Máté Ócsai 28 dager siden
These videos are just so inspiring and intimate. You teach something while you introduce people like Frank who does farming simply because he loves it.
Mark Bradburn
Mark Bradburn 28 dager siden
He needs to defrost that freezer!
Spencer Mienaltowski
Spencer Mienaltowski 28 dager siden
My man looks so happy that somebody finally cared about his nuts
Jordan Behm
Jordan Behm 28 dager siden
His daddy looks exactly how I’d expect Destin to look in about 25/30 years lol
Michaelstriker 7
Michaelstriker 7 28 dager siden
were able to use 4k yes pls this looks so sick and its like I'm there thx u @SmaterEveryDay
The masked Gamer
The masked Gamer 29 dager siden
I know if you go far enough into the comments you will find a deez nuts joke
Jim Dingle
Jim Dingle 29 dager siden
This channel is such a treat.
Lavender-Rose Fox
Lavender-Rose Fox 29 dager siden
have they tried frightening the pecans out of the tree make the tree shake by telling it a scary ghost story lol
*very poor choice of words*
przykominku.com Måned siden
Destin - please do take it in a positive way - but I just love how Your Dad accent reminds me Forrest Gump. So melodic...
Tucktube Gaming#1
Tucktube Gaming#1 Måned siden
I swear this is the most amazing thing ever because not only were they saying things us immature children would think is funny but they also kept their Cal during It lol.
Rockologist Måned siden
Okay, so real question...Where can I get these pecans? I keep thinking about them and I'm in the south too!
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