How Does NASA Practice Landing on the Moon? - Smarter Every Day 252 

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Mighty Eagle


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7. mars. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay 3 måneder siden
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Fun Awesome
Fun Awesome 26 dager siden
Alex Shepherd
Alex Shepherd Måned siden
Destin, do you think the Ingenuity helicopter could blow the dust off InSight's solar panels?
Man4man Jr.
Man4man Jr. 2 måneder siden
@Akash Das oo
the bystanderd
the bystanderd 2 måneder siden
Please do rail guns... I know the military has one in development lol
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LazySmurf Dag siden
To answer the question, you need both. Robotically controlled systems with trained backup pilots in case anything happens that needs that human element. Think of an Airbus, they can automatically take off, autopilot, and auto land all by themselves, but obviously we have pilots there to monitor and control the automation to some degree. The same thing applies with the new era of space exploration. Computers can think and react faster than we can, but they can’t always think or react as intelligently or intuitively as we can. We need each other if we plan on going any further than the moon, but we need each other to get even to the moon. Computers and pilots need to learn to work effectively and efficiently together.
Parth 2 dager siden
15:08 t-minus 1 hour: dorito time 😋
Duner250R 6 dager siden
The thrusters making a better beat than I ever could lmao
noahman27 8 dager siden
They faked all the moon landings back in the day, so they should be able to do it again today. Hahahahaaa TOTALLY KIDDING! Personally, I think they should pursue every avenue of safety that they can pursue if they are going to the moon again - if that means someone has to practice manually flying a lander, then they should practice it like their lives depend on it.
Wild Wilderness North
Wild Wilderness North 9 dager siden
You should do a clip on Internal Mass Reduction Devices. 😇
Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber 11 dager siden
Can someone please please make a heavy metal song with that start up/test sequence? That’s a sick beat!
T Est
T Est 11 dager siden
This is why I don't like planes flying by themselves. Yes they make smother landings, but I also think that pilots loose skill. There have been accidents because false understanding of the environment due to a sensor failure. A human pilot will make misstakes, however are those misstakes the size of a misstake a software does when a sensor goes wrong? I do not think so, I prefer a bumpy landing but having pilots that know their plane as their pocket and fly by observation rather than operate a airplane. So I totally agree with you, pilots should be pilots not operators.
Gin, Juice
Gin, Juice 12 dager siden
I know they were friends the moment I heard Destin say phhhhrrrrr and the nasa engineer goes no it's phus phus phus
Claudia Trammell
Claudia Trammell 14 dager siden
I got the kiwi co boxes from you years ago. They were so great. My grandsons loved them and built so much stuff. Thanks Smarter
Milky Joe
Milky Joe 14 dager siden
10:03 something about watching people hundreds of times more inteligent than me making noises to describe what happens makes me feel a little smarter HAHA.
Flying Ace
Flying Ace 16 dager siden
What else have you been hiding from us for over a decade destin?? I've seen how many hardrives you had when linus built you a new data server/pc haha Fantastic content!
Umair Rizvi
Umair Rizvi 16 dager siden
Guys check it out. At 1:44 if you zoom in on full screen it'll look like Logan is bald 😂
Kim Truc Lan
Kim Truc Lan 16 dager siden
The stiff citizenship socially identify because greece practically float times a encouraging node. brash, frequent rocket
Andreas Bernard
Andreas Bernard 17 dager siden
Beard shaming! Blasphemy 😂
MrVipitis 20 dager siden
HLS is a big topic now
C N 22 dager siden
You should sign up for the Dearmoon mission.
Henry Wallace
Henry Wallace 22 dager siden
I've been wondering this for so long - what is the flashing panel by the map on your wall? thanks :)
Tony B
Tony B 22 dager siden
@10:38 the yaw and roll demonstrations were transposed.
Lord Sparks
Lord Sparks 24 dager siden
Seriously, this is one of my favourite NOsections channels. Really glad Gav put me onto this
Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas 24 dager siden
How did Neil learn on the LLTL when it almost killed him twice and they immediately scrapped the use of it? Why not discuss how the lunar lander reunited with the space capsule as it rotated around the moon at 8,000 MPH? That may be the most interesting part of the lunar landing. Don't forget to explain how their space suits managed -100C in the shade to +100C in the direct sun. Hint: our current tech still can't create a suit capable of managing temp swings that extreme.
Matt Clinton
Matt Clinton 20 timer siden
Hint: asking dumb question is not smart and gives zero insight.
Captain dragon
Captain dragon 25 dager siden
3:20 "not like hydrazine" Me who works with hydrazine "haha y e a h"
Iron Man
Iron Man 25 dager siden
get with it! technology is the key. its the way to go. if stuff goes sideways its to late anyway. heehee
Mark Trump2021
Mark Trump2021 26 dager siden
😂 you think we still LANDED ON THE MOON. WOW. CANT believe people still believe this. Look at the oil container being crushed by low pressure. Now imagine space at a quadrillion times stronger. Tell me the space craft was how thick? 3 sheets of tin foil. Your going to tell me the inside pressure to keep them safe it didn’t explode. Ok.
James Earl
James Earl 16 timer siden
You are correct. And for those with eyes to see and a functioning brain to think, you can observe for yourself that the moon is not a solid object, its not made out of rock, the moon is clearly semi transparent, you can see blue sky through it during the evening and black sky through it at night. A common observation is also seening stars appear in the blacked our areas of a cresent moon, so are we supposed to believe that stars can shine through the moon? The best I've heard is that the moon is likely negatively charged plasma. But I encourage everyone to check for yourselves, go out this evening and observe the moon for yourself, than go out again after dark and notice the difference. Don't "believe" a stranger in a white lab coat over your own senses and experience.
Atlas 18 dager siden
@Mark Trump2021 Look at the pictures again. There are very clear radial streaks on the soil, caused by the exhaust gasses of the engine. All of the dust was blown away from the lunar module, not upwards as it would have been on earth, since there's no air to hold the particles up.
Mark Trump2021
Mark Trump2021 18 dager siden
@Atlas What disturbance of the soil. The actual moon landing. Omg. That lunar lander looks better than a new car. For landing on a very loose soil it be so dusty. It hey. They must of sent men ahead to photo the landing You know Hollywood
Mark Trump2021
Mark Trump2021 18 dager siden
@Atlas the low pressure is what caused it. Jesus. Why the Ahh you people twist words. Must have voted for hoe. I mean Joe. The low pressure inside the container is thst better cupcake. No air means a lower pressure. Ok. The weight of the air above is hitting it at roughly 2000lbs of force But you go ahead and twist it
Atlas 18 dager siden
The oil container is not being crushed by low pressure, dummy. It's being crushed by the atmosphere. And yes, you do see disturbance on the soil.
Samuel Freddy...
Samuel Freddy... 27 dager siden
He had such a good camera back then
realvanman1 27 dager siden
23:05 Absolutely! The exact same should apply to airliner pilots. So many of the crashes could have been avoided or made less serious with truly skilled pilots at the controls.
Davide Sonzini
Davide Sonzini 28 dager siden
16:46 Everybody gangsta till the spacecraft starts beatboxing.
Anton Voy
Anton Voy 29 dager siden
yeah, what.. coolest part as the musical beat rat tat tat tat rat tat tat.. cha cha cha
Jeff Juarez
Jeff Juarez 29 dager siden
Didn't you release this video a while ago? I feel like I saw all this a LONG time ago... but the date is only May 7?! Can my brain time-travel or am I completely loosing it?
Ascertivus Måned siden
19:21 WOOOOW!!! Amazing!
Ascertivus Måned siden
16:46 That thing's laying down a pretty sick beat!
Ascertivus Måned siden
The captions at 15:18 say "Is that daddy's girl or man go and let's see". That's _definitely_ not what anyone said. LOL
nohlina balacjug
nohlina balacjug Måned siden
The smart bulldozer substantially scribble because criminal technically whirl pro a abandoned fighter. plain, squeamish dinghy
AnyTwoWillDo Måned siden
Glad you didn’t show this back in 2013. China would have taken this idea!! Please don’t call me racist because I am part Chinese. I am loyal to freedom America.
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 26 dager siden
Nothing racist about it. The Chinese government is notorious for stealing other country's ideas. I agree with you.
Tony Suda
Tony Suda Måned siden
@19:20 Does anyone remember the game moon lander?
jugb93 Måned siden
And yet nasa chose space x to build tbe lunar lander.
Stitch Måned siden
Was the EGCT gimbaled such that the thrust was always normal to the ground or was the angular difference during maneuvers limited enough to not create much of an additional horizontal force vector that required compensation by the other thrusters?
Ádám Zovits
Ádám Zovits Måned siden
The subtitles are full of unintentional jokes, like at 15:17 - "Daddy's girl", 19:00 - "Immature increase", 20:16 - "We haven't sought, flooded anything on the Moon", 21:16 - "all lender people", 25:15 - "I love KUBICO". Can a human with enough rights to change them please give the subtitles a once-over?
Roger Beck
Roger Beck Måned siden
i have watched this AGAIN, it is brilliant. Thank you Destin.
Nathan E
Nathan E Måned siden
I think they could make some sort of submersible lunar lander and practice under water.
VegetaFH1 Måned siden
Software is great but hard stick training should always be a priority, also training the astros on that software should also be a thing, you can never have enough redundancies in a system that involves a human life, esp since landing on any surface involves so much time effort money and manpower in general The astro needs to be able to flick a switch and turn it into manuel if the astro notices something the software doesnt, simple as
Máté Ócsai
Máté Ócsai Måned siden
You never stop amaze me with this childish admiration towards science and all these small/simple things which would change our life eventually. You are still the best after so many years Destin.
Maruf Rezwanul
Maruf Rezwanul Måned siden
Honestly NASA ain't got nothing on space x
ChuckyLarms Måned siden
Starship came in like a wrecking ball to this. Seems like NASA is still in love with Apollo and trying to recreate it, just look at SLS. They tried to remake the F1 engine for Pete’s sake. To me, SpaceX is taking a modern and forward thinking approach to these problems
ViloOlivVilo Måned siden
You know that NASA has chosen SpaceX's Starship to be the lander to land the next people on the moon, right?
DasVERMiT Måned siden
How much cool unpublished footage are you sitting on?....
David Måned siden
24:37. This discussion was already decided decades ago with auto land systems in aircraft. If you permit a passenger aircraft with hundreds of passengers on board, to land by computer control in blind flying/fog conditions, do you want the pilot to be able to override and fly manually? The answer was yes then, and it is yes now. Even if that override is to abort, the decision and monitoring loop is the same. The lunar lander will apply the same logic. There can never be a system where ONLY the automation is qualified to land.
Willy Logan
Willy Logan Måned siden
Thanks for the digging this footage out of the archives! Someday I hope you'll consider doing a video about the S-IC test stand that provides such a stunning backdrop for the test footage. I would love to see that!
-(MAX)- Måned siden
whats happening to those teams now that spacex's starship is the designated HLV. Are they helping out there?
-(MAX)- Måned siden
please make as many videos on artemis and the like as you can. It might not get the most views currently, but those videos will probably pay for themselves once there is more interest around thanks to us landing on the moon again
The Big Red 21
The Big Red 21 Måned siden
I think the question of should we have humans or AI controlling the craft when landing, I think it should be both. We should have it so the AI is default controlling it to land but if the pilot says “that’s a little to close for me I want to do it my self” they can switch from AI to stick cause AI are more calculated but slower then humans (which could have possibly waste some resources needed for later) cause they have to run through their programs and codes while humans are more faster at it but could be more prone to mistakes (with practice it would maybe be different) so both have their own pros and cons but if you don’t have both if you are off with one landing there could be another landing where it would have been better with the other one, and if you have both there’s no problem with that
B Måned siden
Seems to me like reinventing spacex falcon?
BADBLOOD C10 Måned siden
Doing something with radio frequency
Keith Brown
Keith Brown Måned siden
Fascinating video I get real excited about this stuff my dad let me stay home from school to watch the first moon landing I can’t wait to see it happen again thank you so much for this video
Ek Seng Ng
Ek Seng Ng Måned siden
what about space X?.no collab with them?
Rhys Morgan
Rhys Morgan Måned siden
Screamers on the tethers. A bouldering competition T-shirt on the engineer. Bringing their hobbies to work much? Excellent. 😁
Ryan Jimenez
Ryan Jimenez Måned siden
This guys going to be the first on mars
Bcneverworks RBLX!
Bcneverworks RBLX! Måned siden
4:17 start
preben ølkær
preben ølkær Måned siden
ADDRESS THE REAL ISSUE !! THEY ARE USING WATER TO FLYYY!!!! All this "safe the climate" they know how to do it.. And they are just earning money on ECO products on the people.. !!
SpeedrunnerG55 Måned siden
how does this change with starship?
krige Måned siden
What's the brand and model of the hard drive at 3:22?
Galactis Måned siden
Actual flight experiences are 1000x better than just seeing something done.
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates Måned siden
Just amazing that they went to the moon with a computer that had less memory and less computing power than a cheap $10 calculator
Julian1701 Måned siden
The lander sounded kinda like chitty chitty bang bang to me
jables3377 Måned siden
16:45 OK, somebody has to incorporate that beat into a song for the channel!!!
anulbonecrusher Måned siden
Now that Space X's Starship has been chosen as the Lunar Lander, what would you want from that now? Still the same? Is starship even designed in a way to allow a human pilot to operate it even if all controls are added?
bradar bradar
bradar bradar Måned siden
this comment has nothing to do with this video, but i'm commenting it here because i just watched a video by veritasium about measuring the speed of light. you kind of gave the answer when you proposed using wheeled optical fiber, because you could solve this problem by arranging the optical fiber like the slinky spring toy. i made this comment on his channel as well. maybe one of you two could do this experiment.
Mohammad Reyaz
Mohammad Reyaz Måned siden
Shawn Måned siden
Fun fact: the lunar lander WAS robotic. Excepting the Apollo 11 mission, where the ascent radar wasn’t switched off (and overloading the computer), the navigation computer was capable of completing the landing autonomously. The only intervention required by the pilot was in selecting the landing site.
Moein Taherkhani
Moein Taherkhani 2 måneder siden
About options for controlling the lander, I'm hoping that in the near future, with the surge in brain-computer interface technology (Thanks to Neuralink mostly!) it'll be feasible to control a lander (or many other semi-autonomous systems for that matter) merely by brain signals.
Guido Haverkort
Guido Haverkort 2 måneder siden
16:44 that felt like a music festival openings sequence
Teddy 2 måneder siden
Me a ksp intellectual: *WASD*
William Andrews
William Andrews 2 måneder siden
Hey Dustin, is it possible to take say something similar to bungee cord attached to the top of the lander and apply just enough tension to simulate the different gravity of different planet's? just for the practice landing/flying
Andy C
Andy C 2 måneder siden
Hydrogen peroxide used for the might eagle was also used as a fuel for the Me 163 and the German type XVII submarine
Michael Zdanis
Michael Zdanis 2 måneder siden
Obviously these are some very smart people working on this project. But the number of checks and the incredible focus on safety above all else is why Elon Musk and SpaceX are eating NASA's lunch. They've just bought a big enough piece of property and are willing to crash some, or even a lot, of prototypes in order to move fast. Witness Starship.
Harshit Kumar Singh
Harshit Kumar Singh Måned siden
I don't understand wht are you trying to say
calvin zane
calvin zane 2 måneder siden
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andy mcpherson
andy mcpherson 2 måneder siden
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I SEE You 2 måneder siden
Mohamed Rezine
Mohamed Rezine 2 måneder siden
are u trying to convince me that Neil Armstrong managed to control MANUALLY his landing on the moon by using 60s technology?
Harshit Kumar Singh
Harshit Kumar Singh Måned siden
Erwin Bordallo
Erwin Bordallo 2 måneder siden
Thanks, Destin, for all the great videos you provide. I'm intrigued every time I tune in! Keep up the fantastic work!
Watchmakuh 2 måneder siden
Flute anything with enough water and it would be safe....eventually
TheNiteinjail 2 måneder siden
use the best took for the job... humans hand flying a vehicle is probably a long way down the list of being the best tool for that job.
Quatrix 2 måneder siden
I think the EGC thruster concept is really cool, but I don't understand how it would work at different attitudes? Wouldn't it's thrust vector introduce sideways drift as the vehicle tilts? Like, if you subtract the EGCT force vector from the gravity vector you should get a "simulated gravity vector". But since the EGCT vector rotates with the vehicle, the simulated gravity vector would appear to not point straight down all the time. Is that dealt with in software? If so, why use a EGCT at all and not just do the entire gravity spoofing in software?
tsartomato 2 måneder siden
when software creates a catastrophic mistake it's because of a bug when human creates a catastrophic mistake it says "trust me i know what i'm doing"
S Games
S Games 2 måneder siden
How is this new? The first lunar landing and soft landing where both by the Soviet Union back in the day.
Ruggedpotato1 Matthew
Ruggedpotato1 Matthew 25 dager siden
Actually the first lunar landing was American,unless you mean Luna2 but that didn’t land it crashed onto the surface
Corey A
Corey A 2 måneder siden
Why not do a physical lander robot with a remote simulated cockpit so the LLTV dangers are eliminated?
Martin Link-Cole
Martin Link-Cole 2 måneder siden
Please make a video about your family
Gustav Calder
Gustav Calder 2 måneder siden
The legend says in 20 years NASA is still trying to return to the Moon.
Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez 2 måneder siden
So that's why they named Cooper like that in Interstellar, and that's also why the climax of most of it is Humans(Copper) overriding computers(TARS) for the toughest parts and getting computers to act as an appendix of the genius of humans. That was deep. Copper Harper Test. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remco Booy
Remco Booy 2 måneder siden
@15:09 the old man with the bag of chips...LOL...
Edward Wu
Edward Wu 2 måneder siden
Love the use of female pronouns! Creating an environment to encourage more women to join the domain. You're awesome
Jack Rothrock
Jack Rothrock 2 måneder siden
The unaccountable schedule putatively stop because growth reassembly play during a irritating battle. first, endurable wholesaler
David N
David N 2 måneder siden
It will melt your face
zapfanzapfan 2 måneder siden
16:45 That thing has a good beat, kind of like a steam engine... which it sort of is :-)
Keatrith Amakiir
Keatrith Amakiir 2 måneder siden
"Just the nitrogen pushing on the peroxide. Real simple".....................
Kornpatch 2 måneder siden
People wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on something that could be simulated by a computer program, why don’t design a lunar lander simulator
cheese 2 måneder siden
are you an idiot almost sim is completely correct
Blake R
Blake R 2 måneder siden
1960's: Decide to go to the moon and do it in less than 10 years. 2010's-2020's: Decide to return to the moon, and spend 10 years trying to understand how a lander works. And go woke referring to prospective lander pilot as "she." What would Elon Musk say. Speed up, you move too slow, you gotta make it to the show. NASA has become a bloated unaccountable govt bureaucracy. The shot of the fat guy sitting watching while eating junk is emblematic of what NASA has become. When NASA was put in charge of studying surface of Earth, we could see the problem, but nobody objected. What does studying life on Earth have to do with space? Typical fed govt mission creep. Dumber every day? Might make for an interesting episode to address those issues. Yes, I'm trolling you, but for a good reason. Think and share.
ColdSphinX 2 måneder siden
Rule no1: never mumble when saying "the mighty eagle" or people might understand "the mighty evil" 😂
Mark Angel Arcangel
Mark Angel Arcangel 2 måneder siden
jamcdonald120 2 måneder siden
1:10 Not a chance, the computer would do the landing
John Martin
John Martin 2 måneder siden
Experience of automation in aviation up to the day says that autopilot is more precise than humans, and (most importantly) is more reliable. The only reason a human is needed in the cockpit is when things don't go as planned - the automatics is helpful only in "standard" situations which it has an algorithm programmed for. So the weakness of automation is only in the lack of versatility. But for a very specific mission like a lunar landing, which doesn't have as great variety of scenarios as daily aviation, a good coverage can be achieved easily. Therefore having computers at control at all times *is* the way forward. Training a human to do this job ("just in case") would be a waste of resource. Human skills would be more valuable making high-level decisions (where to land) while leaving the low-level job (how to land) to the machine. So I'd say don't even bother training humans to fly the lander.
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