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Weed Eater Wars: 8 Types of Weedeater Line square off in a single elimination battle.
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Sometimes you just want to goof around in the garage with friends.... and you happen to end up learning something interesting!
View the Weedeater vs Weedeater Main Video Here: nosections.info/green/x6GdooOMqYWWy50/video.html
View EXTENDED CUT Here: nosections.info/green/l2abiJF6gXiWq74/video.html
View FULL Slow Motion Videos From Other Battles:
Battle 1 Star vs Crossfire: nosections.info/green/0JuGpJp7eZiA2Mw/video.html
Battle 2 Triangle vs Sharp Square: nosections.info/green/uKB7rXueoZiRm64/video.html
Battle 3 Razor Core vs Blue Line: nosections.info/green/xq2jn2JieWumx9w/video.html
Battle 4 Sharp Sharp Square Vs Grey Blobby Thing: nosections.info/green/l36ia5h3ppFsrbI/video.html
Battle 5 Razor Core vs Echo Crossfire: nosections.info/green/mqOhi31lY32DlMg/video.html
Battle 6 Sharp Square vs Grey Round: nosections.info/green/2IqXiJ6VfmuWqrI/video.html
Battle 7 Razor Core vs Sharp Square: nosections.info/green/sm2cqnVmd52Fx74/video.html
Battle 8 Redo Razor Core vs Grey Blobby Thing: nosections.info/green/uZ-Cp3Vke52Jrcw/video.html
ALL BATTLES in Slow Motion: nosections.info/green/koqde4uHmW9ultQ/video.html
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29. april. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay 14 dager siden
OK OK, I hear you. Patrons now have access to the raw video of me screaming the announcements.....thank you for the support.
Jacob Redacted
Jacob Redacted 14 timer siden
What's funny is that I literally just finished the hobbit movies like 2 days before I watched this so yes I do remember all the characters I even made a quiz about it
Edgargenius 20 timer siden
You guys need the black line that has lil ridges or bumps risen on the line i cant remember the name of it but we use it to cut grass on sides of bridges and roads..
youtube wzd
youtube wzd 23 timer siden
If you're gonna do all videos from now on with the announcer voice exclusively your videos will become twice as good. You might have to end that career at the end of the year but hey that would be like going SUPER NOVA!!!!!!!!1111oneleven
GФФŦЏϾКΞЯ 2 dager siden
Dont be like Destin and let loose of the festin'! (Or else Diabetes and Obesity strikes you)
idk a name for this
idk a name for this 2 dager siden
Patrick McCune
Patrick McCune 15 minutter siden
I loved this. I really enjoy everything about this channel but the weed eater wars reminds me of 12 year old me. My mom and dad must have gone crazy with me growing up because I definitely did "experiments" like this. Remember the rocket kits you could buy with the push button electric ignition? I liked to see how the "thrusters" worked when not attached to the rocket. Lol
chris WhorroR
chris WhorroR 28 minutter siden
I use razor core for my landscaping businesses. All bets on RAZAR CORE!
LightTerror 43 minutter siden
Me hears weed eater: *veggietales flashback*
Jose Jay
Jose Jay 2 timer siden
I f*ckin love NOsections 😂💀
Dick Phuc
Dick Phuc 2 timer siden
nexyZ 2 timer siden
The announcements are sooo good
Daあー 3 timer siden
Never knew I'll be so intrigued at watching some long-thing-lines SMACKING each other till one gets completely rekt'd.
Julian the Poo yan
Julian the Poo yan 3 timer siden
Mark Ang Henyo
Mark Ang Henyo 3 timer siden
Sharp Sharp Square need another round
F&E SUDO 2 4 timer siden
F&E SUDO 2 4 timer siden
F&E SUDO 2 4 timer siden
2nd round won! lets go!
F&E SUDO 2 4 timer siden
yes! we won the first match!
DanM8 aka Daneil
DanM8 aka Daneil 4 timer siden
honestly one of the funniest videos ive seen on youtube
The KGB 5 timer siden
Sometimes I wonder if youtubers ever grow past 11.
HTX 713
HTX 713 5 timer siden
I think this video just made me decide to run back to Home Depot to return a certain product I just bought
vanessa reynolds
vanessa reynolds 5 timer siden
Unless you come in with a big decapitation... *decapitation happens* Them: 😲
vanessa reynolds
vanessa reynolds 5 timer siden
Wow this is actually so entertaining and well shot
Splitted Dreames
Splitted Dreames 5 timer siden
Her: his probably thinking about someone else.... Him with bois: let's make a gladiator battle using weedeaters
Trollster713 6 timer siden
It’s 2:44 am and I need to watch this tournament
izzlate FPV
izzlate FPV 6 timer siden
Your angry voice cracked me up!
Callum Gee
Callum Gee 6 timer siden
Yes!!!! this is amazing!! love the mortal combat vibe!! 😂 More slowmo Fight Videos!! hope your voice can take it haha
DK Graffiti
DK Graffiti 7 timer siden
When the wife ask what you did today... Oh nothing much just had a weed eater battle in the garage with the guys. Lol
Jake Man
Jake Man 8 timer siden
Its a Weedwhacker never heard the term weed eater before
My account 2
My account 2 8 timer siden
Someone stole your eyebrows
Dale White
Dale White 8 timer siden
When you scream at the mic.... you get this mean frown between your eyes and watched it 4 or 5 times and laughed myself of the bed....lol
Dale White
Dale White 8 timer siden
Maybe you should be my ring tone yelling at me.....or even better my 4am alarm for work as I curl up in the fetal position and cry 😂
Larry Cucumber
Larry Cucumber 8 timer siden
Saphire Starr
Saphire Starr 8 timer siden
I unironically loved _every_ second of this.~
Adeel Muhammad
Adeel Muhammad 8 timer siden
Finally got the answer to my random shower thought of which type of weed eater is strongest and might cause most amount of damage if an accident occurs 🙃
Whatsinanameanyway13 8 timer siden
Love to see you working more with Jeremy Fielding, another of my favorite NOsectionsrs
Silent Wolf
Silent Wolf 9 timer siden
I voted star. I should never bet money on these things.
Name Last
Name Last 9 timer siden
Destin likes question right. So what are the effects of the force from launching rockets into space on earth's orbit? An does NASA not only determine where the hole in the atmosphere is but also possibly control the launch path in away that could possibly help earth continue to stay a steady speed in orbit ? By this I mean . Launching off the earth facing the back of earth while in orbit or facing the front on earth going with earth orbit ? Could launching a rocket towards the sun push us futher away from the sun in our orbital path . An could that also if launched on the side directly opposite of facing the sun help push us closer towards the sun. I think the rockets wouldnt cause a major deviation of any of mentioned above . Would love to see experiments to show both real examples an also extreme example.
2Dawgs Mike D
2Dawgs Mike D 9 timer siden
Lol, this is no Project Farm
The Brotherhood Of Steel
Two weed eaters: hit each other. The lines: Pŕeťź Al
Brandon King
Brandon King 9 timer siden
Spaghetti Junction is an Atlanta thing 💪🏼
Not the best drawer
Not the best drawer 9 timer siden
Please, no more weed wacker abuse.
Dexter Liu
Dexter Liu 9 timer siden
No one: This guy: “I really like blue” *Picks the blue weedeater*
Dexter Liu
Dexter Liu 9 timer siden
Jmacz 10 timer siden
I’ll go with sharp square... don’t fail me Edit: HA, I didn’t think I’d get it right. Although the results could be flawed, I’ll take it 😁
Harris Vines
Harris Vines 10 timer siden
the noises they make when they hit sounds like someone eating noodles
Livid Artist
Livid Artist 10 timer siden
wife: I wonder what my husbands doing out all day. Maybe cheating the husband:
Ezequiel 25:17
Ezequiel 25:17 10 timer siden
In Australia we call these ‘whippa Snippas’
tan Jin
tan Jin 10 timer siden
To be clear Razor core has won.
Nicholas Hartley
Nicholas Hartley 10 timer siden
NOsections recommendations strikes again
Platinum08 10 timer siden
You really need to make some good thumbnails , that photo won't work!
Jason Krantz
Jason Krantz 10 timer siden
this was more brutal than i expected
Luga Eoa
Luga Eoa 10 timer siden
He said the word kill that triggers me
Andrew Knackstedt
Andrew Knackstedt 10 timer siden
Anyone else notice that the line on the left won nearly every time? I'll go ahead and let your conspiracy dreams run wild now
IOwnASpoon 11 timer siden
Wow I read the title wrong, I thought it was 2 weeds growing next to each other
Curby Kai
Curby Kai 11 timer siden
Ew the sound effects are fross
Freet 11 timer siden
Average weed-eater fan Vs. Average whipper-snipper enjoyer
Proffeser T. Rex
Proffeser T. Rex 11 timer siden
We all know in our hearts that razor core won
Tripp Morris
Tripp Morris 11 timer siden
Well f
Tripp Morris
Tripp Morris 11 timer siden
Dibs on choosing the star
Simp Police
Simp Police 11 timer siden
ownhog 11 timer siden
These announcements are hilarious
TJChagas 11 timer siden
Your english is SO well spoken, so nice to understand. It is lovely to practice english understanding watching your videos.
Cthulhu 12 timer siden
When Dustin screamed SPONSORED BY AUDIBLE my earphones vibrated
Sleepy Cat
Sleepy Cat 12 timer siden
Right always wins!
crustacean 12 timer siden
grey blop
Weird Hungidas
Weird Hungidas 13 timer siden
Grey blob EDIT 1: YES FIRST ROUND LETS GO! SEMI FINALS WE AINT GONNA DIE YET edit 2: aw man we were kinda close :( well I’m gonna go with sharp square for my second guess EDIT 3: LEEETTSSS GOOO! I thought I was gonna lose twice!!
Keegan Williams
Keegan Williams 13 timer siden
I wonder if the downward motion contributed to the win. Just like the p factor on a plane propeller the side that spins downward grabs more air the when the propeller pulls upward. This is why in small single engine aircraft right rudder input is needed to offset the p factor. The line pulling downward may have had the advantage that won it all in the last round.
Skrub Zero
Skrub Zero 13 timer siden
imm ago first sharp square cause yeah
Skrub Zero
Skrub Zero 13 timer siden
GG's homie, let's go.
Goss Automotive
Goss Automotive 13 timer siden
Why am I watching this
Purple Beats
Purple Beats 13 timer siden
ah man, I thought it was two colorado men fighting
Mark Denyer
Mark Denyer 13 timer siden
I clicked on this video just to find out what a weed eater was.
AFK Forever
AFK Forever 13 timer siden
I always call them weed-yeeter
Slavoir 13 timer siden
German Tech Guy
German Tech Guy 13 timer siden
This seems so wholesome, just a bunch of nerds doing nerdy stuff in the garage.
Joseph petrikov
Joseph petrikov 13 timer siden
"The whackoff"
MrMilkBR 13 timer siden
Get Out (2017). Just hope Jerremy is ok right now
MrMilkBR 13 timer siden
Get Out (2017)
DeekFTW 14 timer siden
Some executive at a weedeater line company is loving this free R&D
Hayden Howton
Hayden Howton 14 timer siden
Thought you were gonna call it a whack off
bjmxd 14 timer siden
weed whacxker challenge weed wackers: "dap me up bro"
Keks 14 timer siden
They all get ultimate DAD points
Joost 14 timer siden
Buying stocks on razorcore
D-Rock ShotDead
D-Rock ShotDead 14 timer siden
Oh yeah grey for the win
EnderMon 15 timer siden
Weed... eater? That’s a new one. I’ve heard it called a weed wacker or a weed whip where I’m from
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 15 timer siden
1:10 "Don't try this at home" But what about my Saturday thunderdome weed eater tournaments?
TheExplosiveFox 15 timer siden
MaXiMuM NoOdLaGe
Preston R Godoy
Preston R Godoy 16 timer siden
Grey blob
Adam 16 timer siden
Zach Crennen
Zach Crennen 16 timer siden
That is 100% ASU James harden
Zach Crennen
Zach Crennen 16 timer siden
That one dude looks like James harden without a beard
Noname thanks
Noname thanks 16 timer siden
After you use it are the weeds gone? That is because they do not get eaten! They get wacked! =D Weed WACKER!
IDONTKNOW959 16 timer siden
Is that a MacBook with the windows 10 os?
Rene Kaminski
Rene Kaminski 16 timer siden
Was it fun to make the fight commentary? xD
Christopher Bazaka
Christopher Bazaka 16 timer siden
ok the screaming intros are REALLY good
Camazotz 18 timer siden
MeyMey 19 timer siden
i came here thinking i was gonna see two people eat edibles and smack eachother in slow motion :(
Julius Raben
Julius Raben 20 timer siden
I thought it was called a weedwacker
William Brightwell
William Brightwell 20 timer siden
Spaghetti junction! New Zealand SH1
Ascertivus 20 timer siden
God, this is so hilarious and fun. What a great concept. /g
Ascertivus 20 timer siden
Until this video, I never knew that there were so many different types of string thingies for weedwhackers.
Mrs. South La
Mrs. South La 21 time siden
Love this vid .going cut my grass now .
N1k0l4R 21 time siden
Just some average American dads having fun at the garage
the BuildTeam
the BuildTeam 21 time siden
Answering questions no one asked, nor thought about. You think outside the box and then teach us so our box grows with ever video 😁
Φίλιππος Πετούσης
14:14 Thank me later.
Bluefog12 21 time siden
I Like Blue.
Rex Yaw
Rex Yaw 22 timer siden
dayyyyymmmm i lost
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