How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251 

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Amine gas treating

Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:

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21. feb.. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay 3 måneder siden
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Mickey Minaj
Mickey Minaj 22 dager siden
I got a bit giddy when you said we're making O2
Jess Cast
Jess Cast 23 dager siden
CHLORINE GAS & SUBMARINES: MUST KNOW (be Smarter) Since world war ONE (the German submariners were more likely to be killed by CL gas than anything else. ANY leakage of SEA Water inside would end up in the BATTERY Banks Compartments. which ALWAYS were at the bottom of ship. Their weight also had the function of being a BALAST. and thus, The FLOOD of Sea water would submerge the Batteries(100s). the electrical shorts would immediately create immense levels of Chlorine gas. the gas would immediately invade the whole SUB and killed them, So they never knew what happened afterwards, whether the ship hit the bottom of the sea, Imploded or surfaced. They were all DEAD.
AMRosa10 Måned siden
You forgot to add this video to the Submarine Deep Dive Playlist.
Carol Cassidy
Carol Cassidy Måned siden
@David Scott So what has Taiwan or China got to do with the American Navy? Why do you think it does? It's not simple, it's arrogant. This is exactly why America has become the most despised nation on earth. If you travel outside of the US, have you not noticed this. You have a great military, but a third world health service. It's a shame, you don't understand this.
David Scott
David Scott Måned siden
@Carol Cassidy Isn't it simple? They use their power to control others, and they are taking over Taiwan. So the more power they get the more land they're going to take.
KarinaMilne 46 minutter siden
I love how freely they answer his questions. They really know their stuff and it seems nothing is off limits
Hussain Ahmed
Hussain Ahmed 5 timer siden
so you're an oxygen-gen?
Hulks Plays
Hulks Plays 6 timer siden
19:16 they look related
OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
Great video ! Man , That’s tight quarters on that submarine !
Marcelo Santos
Marcelo Santos 12 timer siden
Take water in, make oxygen out of it, humans transform oxygen in carbon dioxide, filter it, take carbon dioxide out. You are just like a tree that needs electricity and seawater to make "photosynthesis" hehe
Leofraser 15 timer siden
7:08 "you did this in like 6th grade science or something like that" well i would have if my teachers where actually interesting and didn't just teach me me songs like the water cycle song out school never did science experiments we always where just told that something would happen if we did something else no hands on projects ever really happened except the few that where like make a bridge out of spaghetti or whatever but those where kind of basic. idk i just kinda hated my old school we never learned much it was really boring and made learning the opposite of fun but i have learned alot from you and some other youtube channels i wish i had better teachers cause all the ones i had where really boring my family tried to find a better school but we never found one but thats fine ive learned alot on my own to make up for it
Mason Dawson
Mason Dawson Dag siden
So wait we can just drink the sea
Real Life Engineer
That update speed is TORTUROUS... In the time for it to reach across, I could have made a coffee, let it cool a bit, drank the coffee, and washed my cups. 😆
Liam Richardson
Liam Richardson Dag siden
The C in the CO2 is a byproduct of the crew's metabolisms, right? So ultimately the job of a scrubber is to suck the excess food out of the air and shoot it out the side of the submarine.
Guitargreat Dag siden
Drink every time someone says “so” you’ll never make it
Stiy08 2 dager siden
Cant they just grow tres?
matrix5175 2 dager siden
So cool for them to show that to you and thank you for sharing!
Matthew McCauley
Matthew McCauley 2 dager siden
I love this best channel ever
patton303 3 dager siden
A clinker is a term that goes back to the days of burning coal. It’s a lump of fused coal residue. Coal fired steam trains had to have their fire boxes cleared of clinkers.
MiracleWorld 3 dager siden
2KClO3=(MnO2 Δ)=2KCl +3O2↑ I think this chemical equation could be the basis of the Chlorate candle.
Worldwidegamer 3 dager siden
The real question is. When are you going to space?
Jay Roger
Jay Roger 3 dager siden
2:01 Destin: Where u from? Dow: Im from OHio Destin: OH!
Gennaro Russo
Gennaro Russo 3 dager siden
That mythbusters reference made my day
Joseph Bridges
Joseph Bridges 4 dager siden
They have been stuck on that sub so long by themselves they would talk to anyone
Arnold. S
Arnold. S 4 dager siden
Yeah let's have an interview next to heavy machinery with a guy that I can barely understand his accent 🤣 huge fan from day one! ❤🤣
Casey Handmer
Casey Handmer 5 dager siden
4.9 Torr of CO2 seems like a lot. Also, do not recommend sprinkling LiOH on stuff.
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly 5 dager siden
The only thing I was thinking about when I was watching this was manual breathing 😅😅
Ehab I.
Ehab I. 5 dager siden
Thanks a really good video.
Robert Wren
Robert Wren 6 dager siden
Very smart people keeping us safe and alive. In the early days of submarines. before we had this technology, how did they make O2?
cybadec 7 dager siden
Why don't they use an OBOGS like high altitude aircraft. It's uses zeolite and a pressure swing system. OBOGS stands for on board oxygen generator which you could say all of these are but OBOGS is understood to mean said method.
solarseraph 7 dager siden
My only contribution: "Clinkers" are the generic name for the waste material that come from burning coal (among other things). They do indeed make "clink" sounds as you shovel them out of a forge or furnace. At 12:45 the by-products look a lot like the structure of those, and I'll bet engineers familiar with coal engines had something to do with these contraptions somewhere along the line
Gabi 7 dager siden
Can't wait to see if life take you to another submarine or maybe the same sub sometime... It would be awesome to see you reunited with the same crew 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Gabi 7 dager siden
This is soooo fascinating!! I did not know I needed this in my life 😂❤️❤️ Can't wait to finish the series! Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱
Oklahoma Airsoft
Oklahoma Airsoft 7 dager siden
Who else learns more from this channel than in science class
Copper Biscuit
Copper Biscuit 8 dager siden
It seems like you have ever model in existence. Planes, boats, submarines.
Hans Carlo Sirch
Hans Carlo Sirch 8 dager siden
Well, all your subscribers live on earth
Ganesh G S
Ganesh G S 8 dager siden
Tyler 9 dager siden
I want to know what they do with all their trash
ronnie garland
ronnie garland 9 dager siden
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Tony Thies
Tony Thies 9 dager siden
Too long didn’t watch.. I’ll just guess. O2 scrubber? Saw that on Apollo 13.
S Winegar
S Winegar 9 dager siden
MEA preheat in small tube before boiler because tube surface to MEA surface ratio increase. Increase make big big heat transfer. Boiler less efficient but store more.
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan 9 dager siden
?, k
Mat P
Mat P 10 dager siden
This was an amazing video. This is exactly why I have youtube. 😆
Genta Ermaji
Genta Ermaji 10 dager siden
Destin, how do they prevent the amine from boiling off and getting disposed along with the CO2 when heated in the boiler stripper?
HerculesInc 10 dager siden
Wondering did they ever let you into the engine room back aft? I know they wouldn’t let you film but I’d like to know. Nuclear machinist mate on an aircraft carrier.
Kristie Sullivan
Kristie Sullivan 10 dager siden
The unnatural cherry certainly number because watch extremely soothe minus a cautious objective. disgusting, pricey check
BURN-E 10 dager siden
Ive watched this video so many times ...
Leejoy Mathew
Leejoy Mathew 10 dager siden
Thanks for this Dustin!! Appreciate the effort you have put in. Its an absolutely awesome video. So interesting...
Anarchy 11 dager siden
I have a buddy in the navy who told me that basically, the only reason subs come back to port at something is just for supplies. If not for supplies they would just stay out at sea forever. He told me food was one of the big reasons, they can almost make everything they would need, I'm sure there's some other things too but, why not just do what whales do? Put something on the sub to collect krill and other small organisms to make food with. Like intravenous food or something
Jason Goff
Jason Goff 11 dager siden
A better solution would be to split the C from the 02, then all you would have to do is get rid of the carbon left over.
freakyboy09 12 dager siden
why not do the same thing with rockets Ships
Sweeping Time
Sweeping Time 12 dager siden
"We're low on oxygen better light a candle" sounds more like someone made the most righteous of farts and the scent candle needs to be lighted quickly.
Sebastian Ferreira
Sebastian Ferreira 12 dager siden
The fact that the interface of the CAMS takes so long to update its weird, taking into account that this is a nuclear sub, and in theory should be cutting edge compared to civilian grade monitoring stuff
Việt Nam Việt Nam
Việt Nam Việt Nam 13 dager siden
Great show! Proud to be a citizen of the U.S. & I like to have an honor to contact you Tei: (713) 401-4051 Etienne Nguyen
Việt Nam Việt Nam
Việt Nam Việt Nam 13 dager siden
I knew the answer!
Eric Swinson
Eric Swinson 13 dager siden
that intro gave me Mythbusters vibes
nine tailed fox
nine tailed fox 13 dager siden
Hi you are cool NOsectionsr
Gamer Risk
Gamer Risk 13 dager siden
Cole Porter
Cole Porter 13 dager siden
I would've enjoyed my stay on the USS Toledo more but the atmosphere seemed so artificial.
caiocc12 13 dager siden
Destin unknowingly coordinated an entire check-up on this sub's internal systems
Digital Fungus
Digital Fungus 14 dager siden
I honestly feel like this channel is on the verge if being an info hazard, and i love it! Don't stop and ill see you all in custody soon
Sterling 15 dager siden
This show rocks. I do feel like a I get that much smarter after watching an episode. I do. I now know things I wouldn't have otherwise known.
Bobo 15 dager siden
Clinker comes from the remains of burned coal or from a furnace, so an apt name!
daniel bowers
daniel bowers 16 dager siden
What he has in his hand definitely isn’t a nuclear submarine. They aren’t that small
Michael Sharkey
Michael Sharkey 16 dager siden
I have to say, I enjoyed this video immensely. I served on the USS Lafayette (SSBN 616-G) from '78-'83 and I just happened to be the CAMS tech on my boat. It's been nearly forty years, so obviously there have been many upgrades(the display screen being the most obvious). But, none the less, seeing the cabinet and hearing crewman Dow discuss it's operation...I found myself in a state of reminiscing. Good times... God Bless our Armed Forces...and most especially our Submarine Fleet.
qwedstry weadsz
qwedstry weadsz 17 dager siden
The XO is always standing somewhere near Dustin probably like "Yeah he's 3 steps away from something that could kill us all"
several 17 dager siden
It's nice cool
EFD620G 18 dager siden
It's neat to see someone doing the job I did in the 70's
Anh Trần
Anh Trần 18 dager siden
🍸🍸👍👍💛💛💛 🎖🎖🌻🌻🌼🌼🌷🌷 🏞🌅🏞✨🌔✨🏞🌏🏞💛💛💛 🕎📡💻📱
Rassul Li
Rassul Li 18 dager siden
@SmarterEveryDay Somebody probably posted this already but I can't find it, so here goes. I can say with quite a bit of certainty that the "preheating function" the Dow was talking about had something to do with a heat exchanger (there is a wikipedia article about heat exchangers). The lean MEA from the boiler-stripper is too hot to absorb any CO2, so it has to be cooled down. Conveniently, the rich MEA from the absorber tower needs to be heated up. So a heat exchanger will do both at the same time using the heat from the lean MEA. This means that less energy from the reactor is needed to facilitate this process. I hope this helps.
Rassul Li
Rassul Li 18 dager siden
In case it doesn't make sense, lets use an example. say the lean MEA from the boiler is at 100 C, it has reached it's saturation equilibrium (very little CO2). It now doesn't pull CO2 from the air unless it is cooled down. So it goes into the heat exchanger with a hypothetical 100% efficiency, and cools down to 20 C (the temperature of the rich Amine), in that process, the rich amine rises up to 100 C from the original 20 C. At 100 C, the rich MEA is not at equilibrium, and tries to get there by releasing CO2. Sadly, nothing in the world has 100% efficiency and is perfectly insulating, so additional heat is applied by the boiler-stripper.
Dennis Wood
Dennis Wood 18 dager siden
Matt Braaten
Matt Braaten 19 dager siden
4:36 I don't want to be on youtube.
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 19 dager siden
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Tim Davis
Tim Davis 19 dager siden
Where can I get one of those submarine models?
TraetuusPlays 19 dager siden
I feel great knowing that Destin's idea would have killed someone before he said it. Lol I'm not so dumb after all.
Andras Libal
Andras Libal 19 dager siden
Sounds scary that they are running on the secondary system for oxygen because their primary is broken ... Probably they have some rules about how soon they need to fix it. I guess they can always surface if things go really really bad.
Stutz 20 dager siden
I am thoroughly impressed at how much each knows about their jobs and how well they understand this submarine!
Saltyforces80 8
Saltyforces80 8 20 dager siden
trees are cool
Tristen Rising
Tristen Rising 20 dager siden
I wonder if too many or real nasty farts would show up on the CAMS
John Richardson
John Richardson 20 dager siden
Fascinating as always !! By the way the scrubber uses Mono-etha-NOL-amine
afterburn2600 21 dag siden
I love how the XO can be seen in many of the backgrounds. Just making sure all is well on the boat.
Billy Montrel
Billy Montrel 21 dag siden
The majestic product unpredictably pour because anime intialy owe worth a sincere star. delirious, six grandmother
2779mattie 21 dag siden
That was awesome I had now idea entertaining and educational thank you
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 21 dag siden
Absolutely insane and awesome!
Alex Partridge
Alex Partridge 21 dag siden
Oh dude…great videos but I cringe every time you say “hook up to the Nuclear reactor”… the only thing ‘hooked’ to the reactor is water to cool it. That water is used to make steam, that steam of used to make electricity.
Alex Partridge
Alex Partridge 21 dag siden
Maybe I’m watching your videos out of order but Subs definitely can surface through ice…done it. In fact, you show it done here.
John Adala
John Adala 22 dager siden
I bet the candles are similar to the canister on aircrafts for passengers incase of decompression...
Desert Dweller
Desert Dweller 22 dager siden
Excellent content with smart qualified individuals from all aspects and operations. Well Done
Zahid Ali Zafar
Zahid Ali Zafar 22 dager siden
super informative video
Useless Ivan
Useless Ivan 22 dager siden
It would have been hilarious if his first name was Jones..... oh god I've been on Robin Hood way too long.
Mickey Minaj
Mickey Minaj 22 dager siden
Ok we need to update our subs. I for one wouldn't mind my taxes used to keep our military strong and able
sasha mellon
sasha mellon 22 dager siden
His name is DOW. JONES 😂😂😂😂😂
Lukas Rohrmoser
Lukas Rohrmoser 23 dager siden
What's the MEA smell like?
TheGolfdaily 23 dager siden
Very glad I watched this. I learned a lot.
Jess Cast
Jess Cast 23 dager siden
CHLORINE GAS & SUBMARINES: MUST KNOW (be Smarter) Since world war ONE (the German submariners were more likely to be killed by CL gas than anything else. ANY leakage of SEA Water inside would end up in the BATTERY Banks Compartments. which ALWAYS were at the bottom of ship. Their weight also had the function of being a BALAST. and thus, The FLOOD of Sea water would submerge the Batteries(100s), the electrical short would immediately create immense levels of Chlorine gas. the gas would immediately invade the whole SUB and killed them, So they never knew what happened afterwards, whether the ship hit the bottom of the sea, Imploded or surfaced. They were all DEAD.
Alicia Adams
Alicia Adams 23 dager siden
The abiding channel lally reduce because scent immediately rob midst a equal wealth. watery, macabre archer
ZMBY Minds
ZMBY Minds 23 dager siden
Man those hallways are narrow. You couldn't be a Thicc Boi on a Sub.
t m
t m 24 dager siden
This has been the best educational series on submarines ever
ProfessorPepper 24 dager siden
I'm 25, studying electrical engineering, and I learned so much in this series! I've never been fascinated with submarines until these videos. What I found extra fascinating was this episode especially highlighted the parallels between surviving in space and under the sea. Now if only these vessels were rated for deeper elevations in an effort to use their advanced sonar technologies to rule out if these Pentagon-confirmed UFO videos recently in the news, which on one occasion has been seen traveling between air and water seemingly unfazed, originate from the depths of Earth's unexplored oceans or not. If you think about it we actually know more about the surface of the moon or Mars than we know about the surface of the sea floor on Earth!
Ralph Silverio
Ralph Silverio 24 dager siden
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Space Cadet
Space Cadet 24 dager siden
The oxygen separation machines struggle to work overtime on Wednesday nights. That's when the crew is served pots of Chili Beans.
Brandads E.
Brandads E. 25 dager siden
Love this channel - thanks for the insight ! Did the candles have an odor as it burned ? Like fresh filtered air ?
Hrvoje Mikulcic
Hrvoje Mikulcic 25 dager siden
Technology for space voyages?
Quietly Screaming
Quietly Screaming 25 dager siden
Gibba yabba dibba dabba snippet sipper tuyo buyo why yo read this